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DevOps Certification Courses

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The demand for skilled DevOps engineers is at an all-time high with more and more companies adopting DevOps to boost organizational performance and meet industry demands. Therefore, a rewarding career awaits DevOps professionals who can help organizations develop and release software faster and more efficiently. To help you take advantage of the available career opportunities, Edureka offers certification courses in DevOps and DevOps tools such as Docker, Jenkins, and other tools.

Masters Program

DevOps Masters Program

This Masters Program makes you proficient in DevOps principles like CI/CD, Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Delivery, using tools like Puppet, Nagios, Chef, Ansible, Docker, Git & Jenkins. It includes training on Linux, Python, Docker, AWS Development and Splunk. The curriculum has been determined by extensive research on 5000+ job descriptions across the...

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