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Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Course by PwC Academy

20 Learners4.5 Read Reviews
    Live Online Classes starting on 10th Aug 2024
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    Why enroll for Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Course by PwC Academy?

    pay scale by Edureka courseThe global web development market size was USD 56 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 130.97 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 8.03%.
    IndustriesMajor apps like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, Airbnb, and many more use React to build their User Interface to improve user experience.
    Average Salary growth by Edureka courseAccording to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a React Developer in the United States is $1,02,213 with an additional cash compensation of $9,222.

    Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Training Benefits

    The Global Web Design Services market, valued at USD 58.5 billion in 2022, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% from 2024 to 2031. Concurrently, employment for web developers and digital designers is projected to rise by 16% from 2022 to 2032, with about 19,000 job openings annually due to retirements and occupational transfers.
    Annual Salary
    Front-end Engineer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Front-end Engineer?
    Annual Salary
    React Developer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Front-end Engineer?
    Annual Salary
    Front-end Developer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Front-end Engineer?

    Why Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Course by PwC Academy from edureka

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    Live Interactive Learning

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    About your Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Course by PwC Academy

    Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Skills Covered

    • skillDOM Manipulation
    • skillReact Styling Techniques
    • skillCustom Hooks Creation
    • skillRedux Data Management
    • skillApplication Testing
    • skillDeployment Strategies

    Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Tools Covered

    • React
    • Redux
    • GraphQL
    • JavaScript
    • Jest
    • Git
    • Docker
    • NGINX

    Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Course Curriculum

    Curriculum Designed by Experts


    Developing React UI Components: Logic and Structure

    6 Topics


    • Introduction to React JS
    • Project Setup
    • Understanding How React Works
    • Creating a Static App
    • Understanding DOM Manipulation
    • What is JSX and How is it Different from HTML


    • Explore the project structure and familiarize yourself with the key files and directories.
    • Craft several components using both JSX and their HTML-like counterparts to illustrate the differences and similarities in syntax and functionality.

    skillSkills You Will Learn:

    • DOM Manipulation
    • Utilizing JSX
    • Working of Virtual DOM (DOM)
    • Applying Styling in React

    React State and Routing Advanced Techniques

    4 Topics


    • Creating and Using State and Props
    • Path-Based and Conditional Routing
    • Using Hooks in State-Based Components
    • Making API Calls and Understanding Dependency Arrays


    • Make an API call to display the data received in a tabular format.
    • Create some filters based on which the table can filter the current data.
    • Create routes and use conditional routing to display the pages as per relevant routes.

    skillSkills You Will Learn:

    • State & Props Management
    • Creation of Hooks and Custom Hooks
    • Implement Routing in the application
    • Data fetch using API

    Optimizing State Management with Redux

    5 Topics


    • Overview of React-Redux Hooks
    • Advanced Redux Middleware
    • Context APIs
    • Writing Test Cases with Jest
    • Performance Optimization Techniques and Debugging


    • Use Redux to share the data across the application.
    • Write test cases to see if the page contains the Login information or if the table contains specific data.
    • Optimize the performance of functionalities.

    skillSkills You Will Learn:

    • Data Management with Redux
    • Optimization Techniques
    • Testing Techniques

    Production-Ready React: Best Practices and Techniques

    3 Topics


    • Introduction to application deployment
    • Deploy application on Nginx and Docker
    • Integration with tools like GitHub Actions


    • Build and deploy the application while ensuring all functionalities work post-deployment

    skillSkills You Will Learn:

    • Deployment strategies
    • Working with Nginx Server
    • Deploy application on Docker

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    Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Course Details

    About PwC Academy

    PwC Academy is a learning and education service offering of PwC India. It provides diverse training courses based on the best practices of PwCโ€™s global network of firms and brings real-life business experiences into the classroom. Moreover, subject matter experts help to make learning more effective and practical. PwC Academy focuses on improving the knowledge, skills, competence, and expertise of professionals and students by offering diverse learning programs in areas such as financial accounting and reporting, risk, governance, and digital. PwC's Academy in India focuses on improving the knowledge, skills, competence, and expertise of professionals and students by offering diverse learning programs in areas such as financial accounting and reporting, risk, governance, and digital.

      About this Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course

      This course covers multiple industry-specific use cases, giving learners practical understanding and hands-on experience with React. The course enables learners to understand the entire React lifecycle, from initiation to deployment. This course provides learners with practical experience and an understanding of DOM manipulation, from state management and advanced routing techniques using Hooks to mastering Redux for state management and performance optimization, and finally, deployment strategies to become proficient in modern frontend development.

        What will you learn from this React JS course?

        By the end of the course, you will be able to:
        • Understand the React Core Concepts and Lifecycle.
        • Manage project dependencies and project configurations.
        • Manage app state using React's state and props, as well as advanced state management with Redux.
        • Implement path-based and conditional routing in single-page applications (SPA) using React Router.
        • Make API calls from a React application and handle responses to display data dynamically.
        • Optimize React applications.
        • Write and run test cases using Jest to ensure application reliability and performance.
        • Deploy React applications using servers like Nginx and containerization platforms like Docker, ensuring applications are production-ready.

        What is React?

        React is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook for building user interfaces. It allows developers to create large web applications that can change data, without reloading the page. React is known for its efficiency and flexibility. It utilizes components that manage their own state to compose complex UIs. It's widely used for its ability to handle dynamic content and interactive features efficiently.

          What are the roles and responsibilities of a React Developer?

          A React Developer's roles and responsibilities primarily revolve around designing and implementing user interface components for JavaScript-based web and mobile applications using the React open-source library ecosystem. The following are some of the most important roles and responsibilities of a React Developer:
          • Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use. This involves translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code.
          • Ensuring that the application's components are robust and easy to maintain, which may involve optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and browsers.
          • Managing application state using state management libraries such as Redux or Context API to handle the data flow in the application.
          • Writing application interface codes using JavaScript following React.js workflows. Troubleshooting interface software and debugging application codes to enhance performance.
          • Working alongside other team members, including back-end developers and UI designers, to agree on the architecture and features of the application and to integrate APIs and other technology solutions.
          • Utilizing tools like Git, Jira, Scrum/Kanban, etc., to maintain a good workflow of version control and task management.
          • Keeping abreast of developments and new technologies in the React ecosystem and the broader JavaScript community to modernize applications as needed continuously.

          What is the scope of the application developed using React JS?

          React enables the development of dynamic and scalable web applications, favored for its performance and SEO capabilities. Its adoption across industries, from startups to large enterprises like Facebook, AirBnB, and Netflix, underscores its market relevance. The demand for React developers is high, reflected in competitive salaries and growing job opportunities, with continual ecosystem enhancements enhancing its long-term prospects.โ€‹

            Who is this Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course for?

            This course is specifically designed for:
            • Individuals looking to establish their credibility and value in the market as experienced React practitioners.
            • Aspiring Frontend (JavaScript) Developers
            • UI/UX Developers
            • Web Developers
            • Software Developers
            • Developers are upgrading from Angular, Vue, and other similar UI JavaScript frameworks.
            • Freshers

            What are the prerequisites for this Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course?

            Fundamentals of programming and object-oriented concepts like HTML + CSS + JavaScript Knowledge (You don't need to be an expert but should be familiar with the basics of these topics)

              What are the system requirements for this Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course?

              The following specifications are the recommended system requirements for this React JS course:
              • Softwares: Any modern operating system that supports the required tools and services (e.g., Windows, macOS, Linux), and you can use any code editor to write code. It is advisable to use Visual Studio Code (for web application development) and Expo (for mobile application development).
              • Processor: For optimal performance while using development tools, a 64-bit processor with a minimum speed of 2GHz or higher is recommended.
              • Memory (RAM): It is advisable to have at least 8 GB of RAM to meet the applicationโ€™s requirements.
              • Storage: Sufficient free storage space for installing various development tools, Node.js, and other required software components. At least 20 GB of free space is advisable.
              • Browser: Compatibility with modern web browsers for accessing online resources, documentation, and web-based tools used in the course.

              These system requirements should provide a suitable environment for completing the tasks and exercises outlined in the Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course. Adjustments may be necessary based on specific preferences, additional software requirements, or constraints.

                How will I execute the practicals during this Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Course?

                Detailed step-by-step installation guides are available on the LMS. If you come across any doubt, the 24*7 support team will promptly assist you.

                  Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Course Certification

                  To unlock the course completion certificate from PwC Academy, you must ensure the following:
                  • Completely participate in this Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS by PwC Academy course.
                  • You must complete all modules along with the graded assessments.
                  Yes, React is still a highly promising career choice in 2024 and is anticipated to maintain its significance in the foreseeable future. Here are several reasons why:
                  • Strong Market Presence: React is highly sought after in the tech sector for its ability to create interactive and scalable web applications. This enduring popularity ensures a steady demand for skilled developers.
                  • Lucrative Salaries: React developers usually earn competitive salaries, frequently higher than the average IT professional. Salaries vary based on experience, skills, and location, but the potential for high earnings is strong.
                  • Adoption by Leading Companies: Top-tier companies like Facebook, Airbnb, and Netflix rely on React for their front-end development, highlighting its reliability and efficiency in large-scale applications.
                  • Evolving Technology: React is continuously updated with new features and improvements, keeping it relevant and innovative within the fast-paced field of web development.
                  React not only offers stability and excellent growth prospects but also positions you at the cutting edge of web development technology.
                  React is in high demand as companies increasingly focus on building sophisticated web applications. This demand spans various sectors, ensuring a steady need for React developers. Starting from entry-level positions such as Front-End Developer, one can move up to roles like Front-End Lead or Product Manager. 

                  The dynamic nature of React requires continuous learning and adaptation, keeping the role challenging and exciting. Moreover, React experts usually earn high salaries as a result of the strong demand and specialized skillset required. If you are passionate about building user interfaces and enjoy staying at the forefront of web technology, pursuing a career in React provides a fulfilling and promising journey.
                  This course covers advanced React topics, and freshers with a fundamental understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will find it very helpful. 
                  After completing a Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Course, you will be eligible for job roles such as:
                  • Web Developer
                  • UI/UX Developer
                  • Software Developer
                  • Frontend Engineer
                  • Frontend Developer
                  • Junior React Developer 
                  Top Companies such as Amazon, Google, Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft, Wipro, Walmart, OpenAI, Tiktok, TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, and many more are frequently hiring for the React Developer role.
                  Please visit the page that will guide you through the top  React interview questions. 
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                  Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS Course FAQs

                  What if I miss the Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course classes?

                  You will never miss a lecture at Edureka! as you can always view the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.

                  So, what are you waiting for then, letโ€™s enroll with Edureka and learn the best React course online with India's top instructors.

                  Can I change the batch after enrolling in this React Course?

                  No, we don't allow batch changes as it impact your learning and career goals.

                  What is the role of the PwC Academy in this Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course?

                  This Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course has been designed and developed by PwC Academy, and SMEs from PwC Academy will conduct the master class.

                  What is the refund policy for the Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course?

                  This Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS, offered jointly by PwC Academy and Edureka, is Non-Refundable.

                  What if I have queries after I complete this Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course online?

                  Your access to the support team is for a lifetime and will be available 24/7. The team will help you resolve queries during and after the completion of this certification course.

                  How soon after signing up would I get access to the Learning Content?

                  Post-enrolment, the LMS access will be instantly provided to you and will be available for a lifetime. You can access the complete set of previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, and assignments. Moreover, access to our 24ร—7 support team will be granted instantly. You can start learning right away.

                  Will the course material be available to learners after completion of the course?

                  Yes, once you enroll in the Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course, you will have lifetime access to the material.

                  Who are the instructors for this Building Dynamic Frontend with React JS course?

                  All the instructors at Edureka are practitioners from the industry with a minimum of 10-12 years of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by Edureka to provide an excellent learning experience to the participants.

                  Is this course 100% online? Do I need to attend any physical classes?

                  This course is 100% online, and there will be no physical classes. This course can be accessed through the web on any device.
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