UI UX Design Certification Course

UI UX Design Certification Course
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    Why enroll for UI UX Design Course?

    pay scale by Edureka courseThe global UI UX design software market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.25% till 2030
    IndustriesAs per, average salary of a UI UX designer is projected to be $89,000 per year
    Average Salary growth by Edureka courseA good UI can increase conversion rates by up to 200%, and good UX can double this up to 400%

    UI UX Design Certification Course Benefits

    According to a recent report by Market Watch, the global UI and UX Design Software market was worth $1,160.95 million in 2022 and is anticipated to reach $4,093.63 million by 2028 at a CAGR of 23.37%. Glassdoor reported that the average UX designer salary in the United States is approximately $89,000 per year. UI UX design certification classes can assist you in learning UX design, design trends, tools, approaches, and best practices. Excel in your career by enrolling in our UI UX Design Certification Course.
    Annual Salary
    Senior Interaction Designer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Senior Interaction Designer?
    Annual Salary
    Senior  Experience Designer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Senior Interaction Designer?
    Annual Salary
    Product Designer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Senior Interaction Designer?
    Annual Salary
    UI UX Designer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Senior Interaction Designer?

    Why UI UX Design Course from edureka

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    About your UI UX Design Course

    Skills Covered

    • skillDesign Thinking and Problem Solving
    • skillQualitative and Quantitative User Research
    • skillWireframing and Prototyping
    • skillVisual and UI Design
    • skillResponsive design for Web & Mobile Apps
    • skillAgile Methodology and Iterative Approach

    Tools Covered

    •  tools
    •  tools
    •  tools
    •  tools
    •  tools
    •  tools

    UI UX Design Certification Course Curriculum

    Curriculum Designed by Experts


    Discovering Your Inner Designer: A Journey into UI UX Design

    10 Topics


    • Intro to UI and UX design
    • Differentiate UI and UX design
    • Importance of UI UX design
    • Examples of good and bad UI UX design
    • The design process and different phases
    • Common tools and techniques
    • Design thinking and problem-solving
    • Key principles of design thinking
    • Introduction to design tools
    • Vector-based and raster-based design tools


    • Analyzing the user experience of a website or app

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Understanding Design process and its key phases
    • Applying design thinking principles
    • Familiarizing with different design tools

    User Research and Analysis

    12 Topics


    • User research in UI UX design
    • Types of user research
    • Importance of user research
    • Conducting user interviews/surveys
    • Capturing data
    • Data analysis techniques and tools
    • Creating visualizations and reports
    • Using insights to inform design decisions
    • Creating user personas and scenarios
    • User testing methods and best practices
    • Conducting user testing sessions
    • Analyzing and incorporating user feedback


    • User research and analysis of a digital product

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Perform user research in form of surveys & interviews
    • Get an idea about different types of testing
    • Analyze user data & create user persona

    Design Principles and Elements

    9 Topics


    • Importance of design principles
    • Applying design principles to UI UX design
    • Branding in UI UX design
    • Introduction to design elements
    • Different design elements
    • Use buttons, forms, icons, images, and navigation
    • Design guidelines and best practices in UI UX design
    • Importance of usability and user-centered design
    • Design for different platforms and devices


    • Creating an evaluation report for a website, mobile app, or other software interface

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Implement Design Principle and Design Guideline

    Information Architecture and Wireframing

    11 Topics


    • Creating a site map and information architecture
    • Benefits of creating a site map
    • Main sections and pages of a website or app
    • Features of a website or app
    • Wireframing and prototyping
    • Low-fidelity prototypes in the design process
    • Creating wireframes
    • User flows and how they relate to information architecture
    • Use Figma and Sketch to create interactive wireframes
    • Designing for users with special needs
    • Best practices into wireframes and prototypes


    • Design site maps and information architecture for a website
    • Research, analyze the accessibility and inclusivity issues in a website or app

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Design site maps and information architecture
    • Create wireframes by using tools like Balsamiq
    • Learn about user flows and interactive wireframes

    Visual Design and UI Elements

    11 Topics


    • Visual design and its impact on UX
    • Importance of visual hierarchy and layout
    • Designing effective UI elements
    • Creating reusable UI elements for consistency
    • Brand elements into UI design
    • Low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes
    • Tools and techniques for creating high-fidelity prototypes
    • What is responsive design and why is it important
    • Key principles of responsive design
    • Brand consistency in UI UX design
    • Style guide for brand elements


    • Analyze the Visual Design of a website or application

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Conduct Visual Design Analysis
    • Design a Responsive Layout
    • Design User Interface Elements
    • Create High-fidelity Prototypes

    Design Systems

    6 Topics


    • Introduction to design systems
    • Key components of a design system
    • How to create a design system
    • Importance of collaboration and communication in the design system
    • Best practices for maintaining and updating a design system
    • Examples of successful design systems


    • Developing a design system for a real-world scenario or a fictional product

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Creating a design system using Figma and Sketch
    • Maintain and update design system
    • Learn about successful design system in industry
    • Build UI Kit

    User Testing and Feedback

    9 Topics


    • User testing and feedback in UX design
    • Identify user testing goals and objectives
    • Different types of usability tests
    • Conducting usability tests and heuristic evaluations
    • Analyze feedback data and categorize issues
    • Iterative Design and Agile Methodologies in UX Design
    • Iterative design process
    • Integrate agile methodologies into the design process
    • Creating user testing prototypes


    • Create a usability testing plan for a website or app

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Implement iterative design processes, agile methodologies
    • Phases of the design thinking process
    • Product testing, data gathering, and analysis

    Designing for Mobile and Web

    11 Topics


    • Characteristics of mobile devices and web browsers
    • Differences in user behavior and context while using different screen sizes
    • Benefits of mobile-first design
    • Strategies for scaling up to larger screen sizes
    • Responsive design techniques and flexible layouts
    • Consistency in visual design and branding across platforms
    • Techniques for creating responsive designs
    • Strategies for optimizing layouts and interactions
    • Screen sizes and resolutions across devices
    • Designing layouts that adapt to different screen sizes
    • Strategies for testing and validating designs


    • Comparative analysis of website and its mobile app, identifying key design differences

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Learn techniques to create responsive web design
    • Get an idea about the ranges of different screen
    • Validating and testing designs on a range of platforms

    Product UX, Service Design and Collaboration Tools

    11 Topics


    • E-commerce business model and user behavior
    • Service design and customer journey mapping
    • Different stages of the customer journey
    • Designing for emotional engagement and storytelling
    • User-generated content and social sharing
    • Designing loyalty and referral programs
    • Introduction to collaborative design tools
    • Remote design collaboration
    • Best practices for remote design collaboration
    • Incorporating feedback and communication
    • Collaborating with clients or stakeholders


    • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of a product or service by creating customer journey maps and service blueprints
    • Conducting collaborative design sessions
    • Remote design critiques
    • Client meeting simulations
    • Creating design presentations
    • Implementing design systems

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Create a customer journey and learn about its stages
    • Conduct an accessibility and inclusivity audit for a website
    • Working with collaborative tool like Miro and Mural
    • Learn to facilitate feedback and communication during the design process

    In-Class Project: Design a UI UX for an e-commerce platform like Amazon

    9 Topics


    • Understanding the target audience and their needs
    • Defining the user flow and designing wireframes
    • Designing the visual interface and branding
    • Creating a responsive design for mobile and desktop platforms
    • Usability testing and user feedback
    • Implementing and testing the design
    • Analyzing data and making improvements based on user behavior
    • Best practices for e-commerce design and user experience
    • Case studies of successful e-commerce designs and user experiences


    • Experience in designing a UI UX for a complex e-commerce platform
    • Apply design thinking to real-world issues

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • User-centered design principles
    • Create responsive designs
    • Work on an end to end project

    Designing for the Future: Trends and Innovations in UI UX Design (Self-Paced)

    2 Topics


    • Overview of current UI UX design trends and emerging technologies
    • Predictions for the future of UI UX design and best practices for staying up to date

    skillHands On:

    • Analyzing the impact of current and emerging UI UX trends
    • Creating design prototypes that incorporate emerging technologies

    skillSkills You will Learn

    • Learn about current UI UX design trends
    • Identify new design patterns
    • Experiment with new technologies and techniques

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    UI UX Design Course Details

    About the UI UX Design Course

    Edureka's UI UX Design Course offers training in design thinking, user research, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, and usability testing. You'll gain hands-on experience, work on real-world projects, and develop an impressive portfolio. Whether you're a novice or an experienced designer, our UI/UX design course can help you become a sought-after UI UX designer with promising career prospects and increased earning potential.

      Why Learn the UI UX Design Course?

      Learning UI UX Design course online can provide several benefits, such as:
      • In-Demand: The demand for proficient UI UX designers is rising.
      • Professional Advancement: Learning UI UX design can open doors to better employment and higher pay.
      • Better user experience:In order to provide their users with a more satisfying experience, UI UX designers play a crucial role in developing intuitive and aesthetically beautiful interfaces for web and mobile applications.
      • Creative Skills: Skills in Visual Design, Prototyping, and Design Thinking are just a few of the creative topics that can be honed in this Best UI UX Design Course.
      • Hands-on practice: Practical skills are in high demand in today's employment market, and the best way to acquire these is through real-world experience and projects.

      What are the Objectives of Our UI UX Design Course?

      Our UI UX Design Course is designed as per industry standards and teaches learners to create interfaces for web and mobile apps that are both aesthetically appealing and simple to use. This comprehensive course covers everything from design thinking, user research, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, to usability testing. By learning UI design Training from industry experts, you can gain practical experience through real-world projects and create a strong portfolio for potential employers.

        Who Should Take This UI/UX Design Course?

        The UI/UX Design Course is for anyone who wants to learn about designing user interfaces and user experiences. The UI UX Designer Course is appropriate for freshers, designers, web developers, graphic designers, product managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to learn more about design, improve their skills, and keep up with the latest tools and trends in the field.

          What are the Prerequisites for this UI UX Design Training?

          You don't need to possess any predefined skills or expertise to enroll in this course. However, any prior knowledge of web designing would be appreciated.

            What are the System Requirements for this UI/UX Design Course?

            The required system specifications for this UI UX Design Certification Course are as follows:

              Hardware Requirements:
              • Memory – Minimum 4 GB RAM
              • Processor – Intel Core i3 CPU @2.00 GHz or above
              • Storage – 20 GB HDD/ SDD or above

              Software Requirements:
              • Operating System – Windows 7 or above, Ubuntu 14 or above
              • Figma, Balsamiq, InVision, Sketch, Miro, Mural

              How will I Execute the Practicals During this UI/UX Design Course?

              Sketching, wireframing, and prototyping tools will be used for designing tasks. The detailed step-by-step installation guides are available on the LMS. Edureka's 24/7 technical support team is always available to promptly assist you with your queries.

                UI UX Design Course Projects

                 certification projects

                Project: Design UI UX for an E-commerce Platform like Amazon

                Background: E-commerce has become an increasingly popular way for consumers to purchase products, with platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart leading the way. As competitio....

                 certification projects

                Project: Design UI UX for an OTT Streaming Service like Netflix

                Background: The streaming market has exploded in recent years, with services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar competing for users' attention. Users are lo....

                UI UX Design Course Certification

                To unlock Edureka’s UI UX Design Course completion certificate, you must ensure the following:
                • Completely participate in this UI UX Design Course.
                • Evaluation and completion of the quizzes and projects listed.
                UI UX design refers to user interface and user experience design. It is a design discipline that focuses on creating user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing digital products, interfaces, and experiences.
                A UI UX designer is a professional who focuses on creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for digital products, such as websites, mobile apps, and software applications. The term "UI" stands for user interface, which refers to the visual elements and layout of a digital product, while "UX" stands for user experience, which encompasses the overall experience of using a product, including its usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction. A UI UX designer combines design principles with user-centered research to create intuitive and engaging user experiences that meet the needs and expectations of the target audience.
                Some of the key skills required to excel in UI UX Design include creativity, problem-solving, communication, empathy, attention to detail, and knowledge of design principles and software tools. UI UX designers must have a strong understanding of user behavior and psychology to create effective designs.
                Yes, a non-technical person can pursue a UI/UX Design Course. While a background in design, computer science, or related fields can be beneficial, it is not necessary to have technical skills to pursue a career in UI UX Design. The most important thing is to have a strong passion for design and user experience.
                The cost of UI/UX Design Certification varies depending on the provider, duration, and level of the certification.
                It depends on the employer and the job market you are targeting. While a UI/UX certification can give you an edge over other candidates in the job market, it's not mandatory to have a certification to work as a UI/UX designer. Your portfolio and work experience matter the most in the design industry. However, UI design certification can help you enhance your skills and knowledge, which can be beneficial in the long run.
                It depends on the employer and the job market you are targeting. While a UI/UX certification can give you an edge over other candidates in the job market, it's not mandatory to have a certification to work as a UI/UX designer. Your portfolio and work experience matter the most in the design industry. However, UI design certification can help you enhance your skills and knowledge, which can be beneficial in the long run.

                UI UX design is an excellent career option for those interested in designing visually appealing and user-friendly digital experiences. With the increasing demand for an online presence and customer experience, the role of UI UX designers has become crucial to the success of any digital product. They work closely with developers, product managers, and stakeholders to create interfaces that meet the needs of the target audience. A strong foundation in design principles, attention to detail, and effective communication skills are essential for a successful career in UI UX design.

                Learning UI UX design as a beginner requires understanding the basics of design principles, color theory, typography, and layout. It is also important to familiarize yourself with design software such as Sketch, Balsamiq, Figma, etc. To gain practical experience, one must study successful designs, practice, and seek feedback from others. It is essential to remember that UI UX design is an ongoing learning process that you will improve in due course of time. As you gain more experience, you will develop your own design style and skills, but the fundamentals remain important for creating visually appealing designs that are easy to use.

                A UI UX fresher should have a range of skills such as design thinking, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, and user research. They should also have knowledge of design tools like Sketch, Figma, etc. Additionally, they should possess communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills to work effectively with teams and create user-centered designs.

                A UI UX fresher will be accountable for the following duties:

                • Conducting user research to understand user needs and preferences.
                • Collaborating with cross-functional teams such as product managers, developers, and designers to design and develop user-friendly products and features.
                • Creating wireframes and prototypes to visualize design concepts and test usability.
                • Participating in user testing and gathering feedback to improve designs.
                • Ensuring consistency and adherence to design standards across products and platforms.
                • Staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in UI UX design.
                • Continuously iterating and improving designs based on user feedback and testing.
                • Contributing to design documentation and specifications for development teams.
                • Communicating design ideas and decisions effectively to team members and stakeholders.
                • Adapting to changing requirements and priorities in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
                Excel in your career by enrolling in our UI/UX Design Course. 

                The value of a UI/UX design certification can be significant for several reasons:

                • Validation of skills and knowledge: Earning Edureka's UI UX certification demonstrates to potential employers or clients that you have a certain level of expertise in the field. This validation can help you stand out from other candidates and may lead to more job opportunities or higher-paying projects.
                • Knowledge of industry best practices: Edureka's UI Design course will teach you industry best practices, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of the field. This knowledge can help you improve your design skills and create better user experiences.
                • Developing a portfolio: Our UI design certification programs require learners to complete projects and create a portfolio of work. This portfolio can be a valuable tool when applying for jobs.
                • Career advancement: Edureka's UI/UX design certification can lead to career advancement opportunities within your current organization or in other companies. It can also help you negotiate a higher salary or increase your earning potential as a freelancer.
                Our UI UX Certification course is designed to develop skills and evaluate candidates' knowledge. Following the completion of this certification, you will have access to a wide range of job possibilities. Some of the most important employment roles include UI Designer, UX Designer, Interaction Designer, Visual Designer, Motion Designer, Product Designer, UX Researcher, UX Writer, Information Architect, Design Consultant, Design Owner, and others.
                Yes, because the demand for skilled UI UX designers is growing rapidly across industries, and the field offers excellent career opportunities and competitive salaries. Additionally, UI UX designers play a crucial role in creating products and services that provide engaging user experiences, making the work rewarding and fulfilling.

                The salary range for UI UX professionals can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and industry. According to PayScale, the average annual UI designer salary in different countries is as follows:

                • India: ₹466,182
                • United States: $68,000
                • Canada: C$59,569
                • United Kingdom: £30,735
                • Australia: AU$70,142
                • Germany: €41,948

                The industries listed below make the most frequent use of UI UX design:

                • E-commerce
                • Gaming
                • Financial Services
                • Healthcare
                • Education, and many more
                To land a job in the UI UX domain, applicants need to undergo a combination of formal training and hands-on knowledge. If you're looking to secure an excellent job with a good salary, you need to obtain the appropriate UI UX training and credentials, as well as the necessary work experience. This course provides you with all the knowledge you need to kick-start your career in the UI UX domain.

                UI design refers to the visual and interactive elements of a product or interface, such as buttons, typography, and color schemes. UX design, on the other hand, refers to the overall user experience of using a product or interface, including how easy it is to use, how useful it is, and how enjoyable it is.

                Some benefits of pursuing a UI/UX Design course online include learning new skills, enhancing your career prospects, working on real-world design projects, building a portfolio of work, and many more. UI UX designers are in high demand, and pursuing a course can help you stand out in a competitive job market.

                User research plays an important role in UI UX Design as it helps designers understand the needs, behaviors, and preferences of their users. User research can involve various methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and usability testing. By conducting user research, designers can create interfaces that are intuitive, user-friendly, and meet the needs of their target audience.

                Some challenges faced by UI UX designers include meeting the needs of diverse user groups, balancing design aesthetics with usability, dealing with complex technical requirements, working with limited resources and tight deadlines, and keeping up with constantly evolving technologies and design trends.
                Mastering UI UXdesign requires a significant time and effort investment, but it is not impossible. Anyone can master UI UX design with the right mindset and resources. The UI Design Course from Edureka is designed to help learners build a solid foundation in the field and acquire practical skills through hands-on learning.

                Accessing fundamental information is the most effective way to learn. The following popular UI UX books are considered the best in the field and will provide you with a solid foundation. These top UI UX books will give you the guidance you need to practice effectively and achieve success:

                1. "Universal Principles of Design" by William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler
                2. "The Design of Everyday Things" by Don Norman
                3. "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug
                4. "100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People" by Susan Weinschenk
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                UI UX Design Certification Training Course FAQs

                What if I miss a UI UX Design Course class?

                You will never miss a lecture at Edureka! You have two options:

                • View the recorded session of the UX design training class available in your LMS.
                • Attend the missed session in any other live batch.

                Will I get placement assistance after completing the UI/UX design training?

                To assist you in this endeavor, we have added a resume builder tool in your LMS. With this tool, you will be able to create a winning resume in just three easy steps. You will have unlimited access to use these templates for different roles and designations. Simply log in to your LMS and click on the "create your resume" option.

                Can I attend a demo session before enrolling in the UI/UX design training?

                We have a limited number of participants in a live session to maintain the quality standards. Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate in a live class without enrolling. However, you can go through the sample class recording, which will provide you with a clear insight into how the classes are conducted, the quality of instructors, and the level of interaction in a class.

                Who are the instructors for this UI/UX design training?

                All the instructors at Edureka are industry practitioners with a minimum of 10-12 years of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and have been trained by Edureka to provide an awesome learning experience to the participants.

                Is UI UX difficult to learn?

                Learning UI/UX design can be challenging as it involves a combination of design skills, critical thinking, and technical knowledge. However, with practice, dedication, and guidance, anyone can learn and master the concepts and tools used in UI/UX design.

                What if I have more queries after completing the UI/UX design training?

                Just give us a call at +91 98702 76459 / 1844 230 6365 (US Toll-Free Number) or email us at Excel in your career by enrolling in our UI/UX Design Course.

                What kind of jobs can I get after this UI/UX designer course?

                After completing a UI/UX designer course, you can apply for various job roles such as UI/UX Designer, Product Designer, Interaction Designer, User Researcher, Information Architect, UX Writer, Visual Designer, and many more. Your job options will depend on your skills, experience, and the companies you are targeting.

                What are the various roles and responsibilities of a UI UX designer?

                The roles and responsibilities of a UI/UX designer can vary based on the job profile and company. However, some common responsibilities include conducting user research, creating user personas, designing wireframes and prototypes, creating user flows, designing visual interfaces, and collaborating with developers and stakeholders to ensure a seamless user experience.

                Can I be both a UI and UX designer?

                Yes, it's possible to be both a UI and UX designer. While both roles have different responsibilities, they are interrelated and require a combination of design skills and technical knowledge. Some companies may prefer to hire designers who can handle both roles, while others may have separate teams for UI and UX design.

                Why should I learn the UI/UX Design Course from Edureka?

                Edureka's UI/UX design course is a comprehensive, hands-on learning program taught by industry experts with years of experience. The curriculum covers all aspects of the design process, including user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing. It reflects the latest industry trends and best practices. On completion of the course, you will receive a UI/UX design certification recognized by industry leaders.

                You'll be working in real-time on projects and step-by-step tasks that have high value within the corporate world, and the course has been designed by experts in the field. When you've completed the course, you are eligible to submit your resume for the most lucrative jobs at top multinational corporations around the globe with top pay. Edureka provides unlimited access to video materials, 24/7 support, and updates to the most recent version at no additional cost.

                What is the future scope of a UI UX designer?

                The demand for UI/UX designers is expected to increase in the coming years as more businesses focus on enhancing their online presence and creating user-friendly interfaces. With the growth of digital products and services, there will be a high demand for skilled UI/UX designers who can create intuitive and engaging user experiences.

                Is it possible to get a job in UI UX with no experience?

                It's possible to get a job in UI/UX with no experience, but it can be challenging. Employers usually look for candidates with a solid portfolio and relevant skills and experience. As a beginner, you can start by building a strong portfolio by working on personal projects, taking online courses, and participating in design challenges.

                Does UI/UX require coding?

                While coding is not mandatory for UI/UX designers, having a basic understanding of coding can be beneficial in creating functional prototypes and collaborating with developers. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can help designers communicate better with developers and understand the limitations and possibilities of the technologies they are working with. However, many designers work without coding and focus on the visual and user experience aspects of the design process. Ultimately, the level of coding knowledge required depends on the company and the specific job role.

                What is the future for a UI UX fresher?

                UI UX newcomers have a bright future. Companies are investing more in UI UX design to enhance digital experiences. Thus, talented UI UX designers are in high demand, and this demand is projected to expand.

                As new devices and platforms develop, designers who can build seamless and intuitive experiences across several mediums will be needed. UI UX designers can work on AR/VR, voice assistants, and more.

                However, like any field, the UI UX design employment market is competitive, and a solid portfolio and appropriate expertise can give candidates an edge. With the correct UI UX Design training, education, and devotion, UI UX design can be satisfying and meaningful.

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