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17 Nov, 2016

Being Social At Work

“Many times it is tough to locate a particular email among other emails in the inbox. With specific groups in Workplace, it becomes productive. Hence, we have been able to save a lot of ti...

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The Smart CEO
08 Nov, 2016

Building a bootstrapped ed-tech venture

Lovleen Bhatia and Kapil Tyagi, erstwhile employees at Infosys Technologies, found their calling in entrepreneurship after their journey in the professional world. Edureka was set up with an...

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Top tech skills you need to have on your resume in 2017

Bangalore-based e-learning startup – Edureka – has done extensive research, based on close monitoring of the skills market as well ...

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BW CIO World
Can Online Education Bridge the Gap Between Academia and Industry?

While most traditional coaching classes and distance education providers only amplify the theories taught in colleges, Edureka provides...

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Deccan Herald
It is essential to reskill yourself every year

Every new technology enhances proficiency and simplifies the work you do. A new language dramatically reduces the number of lines of co...

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