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MLOps Certification Course Online
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    Live Online Classes starting on 27th Jul 2024
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    Why enroll for MLOps Certification Training Course?

    pay scale by Edureka courseGlobal MLOps market is expected to reach $75.42 billion by 2033 from $2.08 billion in 2024 at a CAGR of 43.2% -
    IndustriesLarge enterprises dominate the MLOps market, possessing a significant 71% share in the year 2023 -
    Average Salary growth by Edureka courseThe average salary for MLOps Engineer is $1,76,248 per year in the United States with a $38,892 cash bonus per year - Glassdoor

    MLOps Course Benefits

    The demand for MLOps engineers is rising across geographies due to the widespread adoption of AI and ML across industries and a recent report projected that the market will grow at a CAGR of 43.2% for the ensuing decade. You will acquire the knowledge to efficiently deploy, monitor, and manage machine learning models, along with practical experience in real-world scenarios, to be ready to navigate the intricacies of MLOps and progress in your professional career within the continuously changing technological environment.
    Annual Salary
    MLOps Architect average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a MLOps Architect?
    Annual Salary
    MLOps Engineer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a MLOps Architect?
    Annual Salary
    MLOps Lead average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a MLOps Architect?

    Why MLOps Certification Training Course from edureka

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    Live Interactive Learning

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    About your MLOps Certification Training Course

    MLOps Course Skills

    • skillVersion Control
    • skillModel Packaging
    • skillModel Management
    • skillModel Deployment
    • skillMonitoring and Debugging
    • skillMLOps on Cloud

    Tools Covered

    • Amazon Sage Maker
    • Aws
    • Docker
    • Flask
    • Git
    • Jenkins
    • Jupyter
    • Kubeflow
    • MLflow
    • Prometheus
    • Python
    • Streamlit
    • Tensorflow
    • Visual Studio Code

    MLOps Course Curriculum

    Curriculum Designed by Experts


    MLOps Essentials

    15 Topics


    • Introduction to MLOps
    • MLOps vs. DevOps
    • SDLC Basics
    • Waterfall vs AGILE vs DevOps vs MLOps
    • MLOps Phases
    • Versioning
    • Testing
    • Automation
    • Reproducibility
    • Deployment
    • Monitoring
    • MLOPs Architecture
    • ML Pipeline
    • MLOps Tools
    • MLOPs Case Study


    • MLOps Case Study


    • Understanding MLOps Concepts
    • Proficiency in SDLC Methodologies

    Version Control System

    7 Topics


    • Git Essentials
    • Configuring Git
    • Branching
    • Git Workflow
    • Repo
    • Git Commands
    • GitHub Action


    • Git Common Commands
    • Branching and Merging


    • Tracking and managing changes to code
    • Source Code Management
    • Tracking and Saving Changes in Files

    Packaging ML Models

    13 Topics


    • Model Packaging
    • Experimentation
    • Model Fitting
    • Challenges in Working inside the Jupyter Notebook
    • Create Config Module
    • Data Handling Module
    • Data Preprocessing
    • Pipelines
    • Training and Prediction
    • Requirements.txt file
    • Testing Virtual Environments
    • Pytest
    • Model Packaging and Testing


    • ML Model Packaging and Testing


    • Model Packaging Techniques
    • Data Preprocessing and Handling
    • Testing and Validation of ML models

    Build MLApps using New Age Tools

    8 Topics


    • API Essentials
    • Streamlit Fundamentals
    • Working with Flask
    • REST API
    • FAST API
    • Building ML Model with Streamlit
    • Creating ML Model with Flask
    • ML Model Deployment with FAST API


    • Developing ML models using Streamlit
    • Building ML models using Flask
    • Deploying ML models using FAST API


    • ML Application Development
    • ML Pipelines with FAST API

    CI/CD for ML Models

    13 Topics


    • Introduction to CI/CD
    • CI/CD Challenges
    • CI/CD Implementation in ML
    • Popular DevOps Tools
    • AWS CodeCommit
    • AWS CodePipeline
    • AWS CodeBuild
    • AWS CodeDeploy
    • Azure Boards
    • Azure Repos
    • Azure Pipeline
    • Azure Test Plans
    • Azure Artifacts


    • Building CI/CD Pipelines


    • Implementation of CI/CD Pipelines for ML

    Machine Learning Model Management

    9 Topics


    • What is Model Management?
    • Activities in Model Management
    • Data Versioning
    • Code Versioning
    • Experiment Tracking
    • Model Cataloging
    • Model Monitoring
    • Overview of Model Management tools
    • Working with MLFlow


    • Working with MLFlow


    • Data Management
    • Code Versioning
    • Experiment Tracking

    Docker and Kubernetes for ML Deployment

    20 Topics


    • Containerization
    • Docker
    • Docker Architecture
    • Docker for Machine Learning
    • Docker Desktop Installation
    • Working with Docker
    • Running Docker Container
    • Dockerfile
    • Pushing Docker Image to DockerHub
    • Dockerize the ML Model
    • Container Orchestration
    • Kubernetes Core Concepts
    • Pod
    • Deployment
    • Replica
    • Service
    • Volumes (PVC)
    • Monitoring
    • Liveness and Readiness Probes
    • Labels and Selectors


    • Docker CLI Commands
    • Writing a Dockerfile Deployment
    • DaemonSets
    • Deploying Services


    • Continuous Deployment
    • Writing a Dockerfile to Create an Image
    • Installing Docker Compose
    • Configuring Local Registry
    • Container Orchestration
    • Application Deployment

    Monitoring and Debugging of ML System

    10 Topics


    • Model Monitoring Importance
    • Tools for Model Monitoring
    • Understanding ML Model Monitoring
    • Challenges in Monitoring ML Models
    • Exploring Model Drift Phenomenon
    • Operational Level Monitoring Insights
    • Introduction to Prometheus Monitoring System
    • WhyLabs Setup Process
    • Exploring WhyLogs Features: Drift Detection, Input/Output Monitoring, Bias Detection
    • WhyLogs Usage: Constraints and Drift Reports


    • ML Model Monitoring
    • Monitoring using WhyLogs


    • Model Monitoring and Debugging

    Kubeflow for Building ML Pipelines

    5 Topics


    • Kubeflow Introduction
    • Features
    • Kubeflow Fairing
    • Kubeflow Pipelines
    • Working with Kubeflow


    • Building ML Pipeline with Kubeflow


    • Building end-to-end ML pipelines with Kubeflow

    MLOps on Cloud

    18 Topics


    • Getting Started with Amazon Sagemaker
    • Amazon SageMaker Notebooks Overview
    • Configuration of Notebook Instance
    • Creating, Training, and Deploying ML Models with Sagemaker
    • Setting up Endpoints and Endpoint Configurations
    • Executing Inference from Deployed Models
    • Exploring SageMaker Studio & Domain Features
    • Introduction to SageMaker Projects
    • Understanding Repositories in SageMaker
    • Utilizing Pipelines and Graphs in SageMaker
    • Conducting Experiments with SageMaker
    • Managing Model Groups in SageMaker
    • Configuring Endpoints in SageMaker
    • Introduction to Azure Machine Learning Studio
    • Exploring Azure MLOps
    • Understanding Azure ML Components
    • Integration of Azure MLOps with DevOps
    • Setting up Fully Automated End-to-End CI/CD ML Pipelines


    • Building an end-to-end MLOps pipeline using AWS SageMaker


    • Using Amazon SageMaker for ML development and deployment
    • Management of ML Models and Experiments using Azure Machine Learning

    ML Model Post Deployment Challenges (Self-paced)

    8 Topics


    • Ensuring Model Integrity
    • Counteracting Adversarial Attacks
    • Guarding Against Data Poisoning
    • Preventing Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)
    • Safeguarding Data Privacy
    • Strategies for Mitigating Model Attack Risks
    • Implementing A/B Testing Methodologies
    • Outlook on the Future of MLOps


    • Implementing A/B Testing Methodologies


    • Implementation of A/B testing methodologies for model evaluation
    • Strategies for Ensuring model Integrity and Security

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    MLOps Course Details

    About MLOps Certification Training Course

    This MLOps training program offers a thorough guide on how to deploy, monitor, and manage machine learning models. Participants will acquire a deep understanding of MLOps concepts, SDLC methodologies, and model management tasks, and they will learn how to effectively use version control systems, package ML models, and create ML applications with cutting-edge tools. Practical sessions will enhance their learning experience, delving into areas like CI/CD implementation, Docker, Kubernetes, and model monitoring.

      The course will also cover the utilization of cloud platforms such as Amazon SageMaker and Azure Machine Learning Studio for ML development and deployment. Moreover, participants will tackle post-deployment issues such as model integrity and adversarial attacks, gaining valuable insights into model evaluation and risk management strategies.

        What are the learning outcomes of this MLOps Course?

        The MLOps Course is a comprehensive program that covers a wide range of topics, including the significance of deploying, monitoring, and managing machine learning models in real-world scenarios, as well as MLOps concepts, SDLC methodologies, and model management practices.

          Why learn MLOps?

          The aim of MLOps is to close the gap between data scientists and IT teams, ensuring speedy, reliable, and scalable deployment of machine learning models.

            Who should take up this MLOps Course?

            This course is well-suited for programmers, developers, data analysts, statisticians, data scientists, and software engineers.

              What are the prerequisites for this MLOps Course?

              To excel in MLOps, one must know programming languages like Python, understand ML algorithms, be familiar with deployment tools like Docker and Kubernetes, and be knowledgeable about cloud platforms.

                What are the system requirements for this MLOps course?

                The system requirements for this MLOps Course includes:
                • A laptop or desktop computer with a minimum of 8 GB RAM with Intel Core-i3 and above processor.
                • Stable and high-speed internet connection is necessary for accessing online course materials, videos, and software.

                How will I execute the practicals in this MLOps Course?

                Practicals for this course will be implemented using various tools and detailed step-by-step installation guidesfor these tools are available on the LMS. In case you come across any doubt, the 24*7 support teams will promptly assist you.

                  How do I enroll in the MLOps course?

                  There are simple steps to enroll in this MLOps certification course:
                  • Check the Course Details
                  • Create an Account
                  • Click Enroll now
                  • Select your Batch and Timing
                  • Complete your Payment
                  • Get a confirmation mail
                  • Start learning

                  Can I access the course materials after the MLOps training course?

                  Edureka provides lifetime access to the course content. You can come back any time if you want to brush up your knowledge.

                    Can I enroll in the MLOps course after it has started?

                    If you missed out on joining our current batch, then you can connect with our experts to get you enrolled in the next batch.

                      How do I provide feedback on the MLOps training course?

                      We take each feedback seriously. So after completing every class, our Edureka support team will contact you for your valuable feedback on the course.

                        Are you providing corporate training for this MLOps certification course?

                        Yes, we are providing corporate training for this MLOps course.

                          What are the other AI related courses provided by Edureka?

                          What are the other resources provided by Edureka?

                          Edureka provides free learning resources to help you understand the technology better, such as Blog and AI Community . You can explore some trending blogs like AI for Startups, Generative AI vs. Predictive AI , Generative AI Models.

                            MLOps Training Course Project

                             certification projects

                            Automated Model Deployment and Scaling

                            Design an MLOps pipeline with the purpose of automating the deployment and scaling of machine learning models to accommodate varying workloads is crucial. The primary objective o....
                             certification projects

                            Dynamic Model Monitoring

                            Develop a framework for MLOps to ensure ongoing monitoring and updating of machine learning models using real-time data streams. The aim is to identify any deterioration, deviati....

                            MLOps Certification

                            To unlock the Edurekaโ€™s MLOps Certification Training Course, you must ensure the following: 
                            • Completely participate in this MLOps Certification Training Course
                            • Evaluation and completion of the quizzes and projects listed
                            MLOps certification validates your ability to efficiently manage and deploy machine learning models, making you a valuable asset to operational and development teams.
                            After obtaining certification in MLOps, you may be qualified for a range of job roles. Some of the more specific job roles you may be qualified for include:
                            • MLOps Engineer 
                            • MLOps Lead 
                            • Devops & ML Engineer 
                            • Associate Architect - MLOps 
                            • MLOps Consultant
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                            with Grade X
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                            MLOps Training Course FAQs

                            What is MLOps?

                            MLOps, also known as Machine Learning Operations, refers to the practices, procedures, and tools employed for optimizing the deployment, management, and scaling of machine learning models in operational settings. It amalgamates principles from DevOps and data engineering to ensure the effective progression, implementation, supervision, and sustenance of machine learning frameworks. The primary goal of MLOps is to mechanize and standardize the lifespan of machine learning models, empowering entities to furnish high-quality, reliable, robust, and scalable AI solutions.

                            Will I get placement assistance after completing this MLOps Training?

                            To help you in this endeavor, we have added a resume builder tool in your LMS. Now, you will be able to create a winning resume in just 3 easy steps. You will have unlimited access to use these templates across different roles and designations. All you need to do is, log in to your LMS and click on the "create your resume" option.  

                            Who are the instructors for MLOps Course?

                            All the instructors at edureka are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by edureka for providing an awesome learning experience to the participants.  

                            What if I have more queries after completion of MLOps Course?

                            Just give us a CALL at +91 98702 76459/1844 230 6365 (US Tollfree Number) OR email at  

                            What if I miss a class of MLOps Course?

                            You will never miss a lecture at Edureka! You can choose either of the two options: 

                            • View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS. 
                            • You can attend the missed session in any other live batch.

                            What skills do I need to learn for MLOps?โ€Ž

                            You need strong programming skills, proficiency in infrastructure as code, an understanding of cloud services, and knowledge of machine learning concepts and frameworks to learn MLOps.

                            Why we are using MLOps?

                            An MLOps platform enables data scientists and software engineers to collaboratively explore data, track experiments in real-time, engineer features, manage models, and transition, deploy, and monitor models in a controlled manner.

                            What will be the mode and duration of MLOps online training?

                            We offer live online training only on weekends for a course duration of 5.5 weeks.

                            How do I become a MLOps engineer?

                            There is no formal educational requirement to learn MLOps. However, employers are still looking for candidates with a degree and experience in related fields such as computer science, data science, computational statistics, or mathematics.

                            Does MLOps require coding?

                            Yes, MLOps generally requires coding knowledge because developers need it for MLOps to deploy models in production environments.

                            What is the cost of MLOps course in India?

                            The cost of the MLOps certification course in India is INR 21,999

                            Is MLOps better than DevOps?

                            MLOps focuses on automating machine learning tasks such as model training, while DevOps focuses on traditional software development tasks such as code deployment and builds.

                            What language is best for MLOps?

                            Python is the best language for MLOps

                            What is the significance of MLOps in the machine learning lifecycle?

                            The importance of MLOps in machine learning is to ensure faster deployment and easier troubleshooting.

                            What is the role of MLOps engineer?

                            They deploy, manage, and optimize machine learning models in production environments to ensure smooth integration and efficient operations.

                            What is the salary of MLOps analyst?

                            According to Glassdoor, the average salary for MLOps Engineer/Analyst is โ‚น11,64,260 per year in India.

                            Does MLOps have a future?

                            MLOps is not just a trend, but rather a necessary approach for the future of Machine Learning.

                            Is MLOps in demand?

                            Yes, it's a highly demanding skill in 2024.

                            Is MLOps part of DevOps?

                            Yes,MLOps builds on the concepts of DevOps.

                            What is the full form of MLOps?

                            The full form of MLOps is Machine Learning Operations. It is effectively managing, deploying, and monitoring machine learning models in current world applications.

                            What are the top MLOps tools?

                            Some top MLOps tools are Qdrant, LangChain, MLFlow, Comet ML, Metaflow, Kedro, Pachyderm, Data Version Control, etc.

                            How to Become an MLOps Engineer?

                            Here are a few simple and effective steps to become a MLOps Engineer:

                            • Learn ML concepts, algorithms, and frameworks.

                            • Understand DevOps concepts.

                            • Get hands-on experience in MLOps tools like MLflow, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.

                            • To acquire your practical skills work with industry experts and do the practice as well.

                            • Keep continuously learning new tools, techniques, and best practices in MLOps and machine learning.

                            What are MLOps Project ideas for beginners?

                            Emotion recognition, market basket analysis, MNIST digit classification, sales forecasting, fake detection, sentiment analysis, etc. These projects provide practical knowledge of various MLOps tools.

                            How do you put ML skills on a resume?

                            You can mention your MLOps skills on your resume by adding your suitable course and certification details, Include your experience details, and you can add MLOps tools like MLflow, Kubeflow, Airflow, DVC, etc.

                            What are the differences between DevOps and MLOps?

                            Both MLOps and DevOps are different. MLOps is based on Machine Learning While DevOps is based on development. In DevOps tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI, and Travis CI are used. In MLOps tools like MLflow, Weights & Biases are used.

                            Is MLOps a good career?

                            Yes, MLOps has a good career. AI and ML are used in every industry so it is creating a huge demand for MLOps roles with competitive salaries. From a business point of view, there is strong career growth in the ML field.

                            What MLOps books can I refer?

                            You can refer to some renowned MLOps books like "Machine Learning Engineering" by Andriy Burkov, "MLOps Engineering at Scale" by Carl Osipov, etc.
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