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Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Course by PwC Academy

19 Learners4.3 Read Reviews
    Live Online Classes starting on 10th Aug 2024
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    Why enroll for Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Course by PwC Academy?

    pay scale by Edureka courseAWS certification is rated as one of the most popular and lucrative cloud certifications in IT globally - Global Knowledge Study
    IndustriesThe global cloud computing market size was estimated at USD 602.31 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.2% from 2024 to 2030.
    Average Salary growth by Edureka courseAccording to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a Cloud Architect is $2,00,844 per year in the US, with an average salary of $1,43,520 per year.

    Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Training Benefits

    As per Mordor Intelligence, the cloud computing market is estimated at US$0.68 trillion in 2024 and is projected to reach US$1.44 trillion by 2029 at a 16.40% CAGR. This highlights the market's huge potential and the necessity of trained manpower to cater to market demand in the near future.
    Annual Salary
    Senior Cloud Architect average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Senior Cloud Architect?
    Annual Salary
    Principal Cloud Engineer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Senior Cloud Architect?
    Annual Salary
    AWS Solutions Architect average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Senior Cloud Architect?

    Why Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Course by PwC Academy from edureka

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    Live Interactive Learning

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    About your Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Course by PwC Academy

    Skills Covered

    • skillIdentity and Compliance
    • skillMigration Strategies
    • skillCost and Performance Optimization
    • skillContainerization and Orchestration
    • skillServerless Computing
    • skillData Management

    Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Course by PwC Academy Tools Covered

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    Cloud Solutions with AWS Course Curriculum

    Curriculum Designed by Experts


    AWS Landing Zone and Security Best Practices

    22 Topics


    • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • User Creation and Permission Management in IAM
    • IAM Roles and Policies
    • Principle of Least Privilege
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • Security Token Service (STS)
    • Temporary Credentials and its Use Cases
    • Security Credentials Management
    • Best Practices for IAM User Access Reviews
    • Service Control Policies (SCPs)
    • AWS Config
    • Landing Zone Architecture
    • AWS Control Tower
    • Multi-Account and Multi-Region Deployments
    • Landing Zone Design Principles
    • Organizational Unit (OU)
    • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
    • Shared Responsibility Model
    • Compliance Frameworks
    • Monitoring and Compliance
    • AWS Security Hub
    • CloudTrail


    • Design a custom landing zone for extending the on-premise data center to AWS Cloud.
    • Design a custom landing zone for migrating multi-region on-premise workloads to AWS Cloud.

    skillSkills You Will Learn:

    • IAM Management
    • Compliance and Monitoring
    • Landing Zone Design

    Moving to AWS: Planning and Execution

    16 Topics


    • Assessment
    • Identifying Migration Readiness
    • AWS Migration Hub
    • AWS Application Discovery Service
    • Migration Strategies
    • Lift-and-Shift
    • AWS Server Migration Service
    • AWS VM Import/Export
    • Re-platforming
    • Re-architecture
    • Re-purchasing
    • Retire and Retain
    • AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)
    • Schema Conversion Tool (SCT)
    • Migration Process
    • Best Practices of Migration


    • Design the strategy to assess an existing application for its readiness to migrate to AWS.
    • Heterogenous Database Migration to AWS

    skillSkills You Will Learn:

    • Assessment and Readiness Identification
    • Migration Strategies
    • Database Migration to AWS

    Optimizing and Modernizing Applications on AWS

    17 Topics


    • Optimization and Cost Management
    • AWS Cost Explorer
    • AWS Trusted Advisor
    • Implementing Cost-Saving Measures
    • Leveraging AWS Savings Plans
    • Performance and Scalability
    • Auto Scaling
    • Configuring Load Balancers
    • Security and Compliance in Migration
    • Implementing Security Best Practices
    • Hybrid Cloud Architecture Design
    • Integrating On-Premises Systems with AWS
    • Secure Connectivity with AWS Direct Connect and VPN
    • Consistent Hybrid Experiences with AWS Outposts
    • Managing Data Flow between On-Premises and AWS
    • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Bill of Materials (BOM)


    • Design the target architecture for the migrated ERP application on AWS, considering best practices and the Well-Architected Framework.
    • Design and implement a modernization strategy for a data lake and analytics application on AWS, focusing on cost optimization and performance improvement.
    • Demonstrating TCO and BOM Analysis for Cloud Migration

    skillSkills You Will Learn:

    • Cost Optimization
    • Performance and Scalability
    • Security and Compliance in Migration

    Cloud Native Application Development

    22 Topics


    • Overview of Microservices
    • Twelve-Factor Apps Principles
    • Containerization and Orchestration
    • Introduction to Docker
    • Amazon ECS
    • Kubernetes on AWS (Amazon EKS)
    • Integration with AWS services for Container Management
    • Serverless Computing
    • Serverless Architecture
    • AWS Lambda Functions
    • API Gateway for Serverless APIs
    • Integration with other AWS serverless services
    • Data Management in Cloud-Native Apps
    • AWS Managed Databases
    • Caching strategies using AWS services
    • CloudWatch for Monitoring
    • Logging strategies in AWS cloud-native applications
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines
    • Automation tools for AWS
    • AWS CodePipeline
    • AWS CodeBuild
    • Best Practices for Cloud Native Application


    • Designing Microservices Architectures Using Different Patterns: Patterns for VMs, Containers, Serverless, and Managed Services

    skillSkills You Will Learn:

    • Microservices Architecture
    • Containerization and Orchestration
    • Serverless Computing

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    Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Course Details

    About PwC Academy in India

    PwC Academy is a learning and education service offering of PwC India. It provides diverse training courses based on the best practices of PwCโ€™s global network of firms and brings real-life business experiences into the classroom. Moreover, subject matter experts help to make learning more effective and practical. PwC Academy focuses on improving the knowledge, skills, competence, and expertise of professionals and students by offering diverse learning programs in areas such as financial accounting and reporting, risk, governance, and digital.

      About this AWS Course

      This AWS course provides hands-on experience with a variety of AWS tools and services by exploring different industry-specific scenarios. The course enables learners to understand the entire AWS lifecycle, from migration to optimization and cloud-native development.

        This course provides learners with practical experience and a thorough knowledge of AWS Security and Compliance, Application Migration on AWS, Optimization and Modernization of AWS applications, and Cloud-Native Application Development.

          What will you learn from this AWS Course?

          By the end of the course, you will be able to:
          • Discuss the AWS security best practices and compliance requirements.
          • Implement the identity and access management (IAM), encryption, and network security protocols.
          • Gain knowledge on employing AWS Database Migration Services (DMS) and additional resources for migrating applications.
          • Demonstrate the methods to optimize costs and enhance performance on AWS.
          • Explain the security and compliance factors while undergoing application modernization. Explain the security and compliance factors while undergoing application modernization.
          • Discuss the fundamentals of cloud-native architecture and optimal methods.
          • Create and execute hybrid structures to improve scalability, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness.

          What is AWS?

          AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is the most demanding cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of services over the Internet. It is the worldโ€™s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. The range of services offered includes compute, storage, databases, networking, and more. This enables companies to increase flexibility and scalability while also potentially reducing expenses.

            What are the roles and responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer?

            A Cloud Engineer is a professional in the field of IT responsible for designing and managing cloud-based systems and infrastructure. They play a critical role in ensuring an organization's smooth transition and effective utilization of cloud computing. The following are some of the most important roles and responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer:
            • Design secure and scalable cloud infrastructure using cloud platforms.
            • Deploy new applications and migrate existing ones to the cloud environment.
            • Manage and enhance cloud assets such as storage, databases, and servers.
            • Deploy the security protocols to safeguard data and applications on the cloud.
            • Collaborate with developers and operations teams to ensure seamless cloud integration.

            What is the scope of AWS?

            AWS (Amazon Web Services) is crucial for businesses because it offers cost efficiency, innovation, and global reach. Its scalable, pay-as-you-go model reduces upfront costs, while a broad range of services accelerates application deployment and innovation.

              Most companies use AWS for prominent cloud services. Netflix, LinkedIn, and Amazon utilize AWS to boost scalability, enhance performance, ensure high availability, and achieve cost-effectiveness.

                Who is this AWS course for?

                This AWS course is specifically designed for:
                • Individuals looking to establish their credibility and value in the market as experienced AWS Architect
                • System Administrators
                • Cloud Professionals
                • Solutions Architects
                • Infrastructure Architects
                • Site Reliability Engineers
                • Technical Leads
                • Software Engineers
                • Freshers

                What are the prerequisites for this AWS Course?

                Prior knowledge of Basic AWS Services such as EC2, VPC, S3, RDS etc.

                  What are the system requirements for this AWS course?

                  The following specifications are the recommended system requirements for this AWS course:
                  • Operating System:
                    Any modern operating system that supports the required tools and services (e.g., Windows, macOS, Linux).
                  • Processor:
                    For optimal performance, while using AWS Services, it is recommended to have a 64-bit processor with a minimum speed of 2GHz or higher.
                  • Memory (RAM):
                    It is advisable to have at least 8 GB of RAM to running various AWS Services
                  • Storage:
                    Sufficient free storage space for installing various development tools and other required software components. At least 20 GB of free space is advisable.
                  • Browser:
                    Compatibility with modern web browsers for accessing online resources, documentation, and web-based tools used in the course.

                  These system requirements should provide a suitable environment for completing the tasks and exercises outlined in the AWS course. Adjustments may be necessary based on specific preferences, additional software requirements, or constraints.

                    How will I execute the practicals during this AWS Course?

                    Detailed step-by-step installation guides are available on the LMS. In case you come across any doubt, the 24*7 support team will promptly assist you.

                      Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Course Certification

                      To unlock the course completion certificate from PwC Academy, you must ensure the following: 
                      • Completely participate in this Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Certification course. 
                      • You must complete all modules along with the graded assessments.
                      Yes, AWS is still a highly promising career choice in 2024 and is anticipated to maintain its significance in the foreseeable future. Here are several reasons why:

                      High Demand: Businesses are quickly embracing cloud computing, with a particular focus on AWS. This indicates a strong need for experienced professionals who are able to create, implement, and manage cloud solutions. 

                      Lucrative Salaries: AWS certifications are valued by employers, and professionals with AWS skills can command higher salaries. 

                       Job Security: The cloud computing field is expected to keep growing, so AWS expertise is likely to remain valuable in the long run.
                      AWS offers a very promising career trajectory because of its strong job market demand and wide variety of job opportunities. 

                      Being a top cloud service provider, AWS plays a crucial role in helping organizations shift their infrastructure to the cloud, opening up various career options for those with AWS expertise. AWS's consistent development and increase in services support continuous learning and career advancement, and its worldwide reputation enables skills to be applicable in different regions and sectors. Additionally, the abundant resources and supportive community for AWS professionals make it a viable and long-lasting career option in the technology sector.
                      This Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Course is designed to meet the requirements of both working professionals and freshers. Our highly skilled trainers explain everything, make it easy to understand the concepts, and resolve all your queries.
                      The value of obtaining a certification in AWS is multi-faceted: 

                      Enhanced Career Opportunities: Co-branded certification from PwC Academy and Edureka demonstrates your expertise in AWS, making you a more desirable candidate for job opportunities. It can lead to higher earning potential in various industries and roles, including Cloud engineer, AWS Solutions Architect, Cloud Developer, and more. 

                      Skill Validation: It validates your skills and knowledge in areas such as cloud computing fundamentals, AWS core services, security and compliance, identity and access management, application migration strategies, performance optimization, cost management, and cloud-native application development. 

                      Industry Recognition: Employers often seek candidates with recognized certifications, and our AWS certification demonstrates your commitment to staying up-to-date in the field. 

                      Personal Growth: Certification reflects a commitment to continuous learning and professional growth, helping you stay relevant in a rapidly evolving field. 

                      Employer Benefits: Employers benefit from having certified Cloud engineers on their teams who can design, implement, and manage robust cloud solutions.
                      After completing an AWS Course, you will be eligible for job roles such as: 
                      • Cloud Engineer 
                      • Cloud Developer 
                      • AWS Solutions 
                      • Architect Cloud 
                      • Security Engineer 
                      • AWS Data Engineer 
                      • Cloud Consultant 
                      • AWS Support Engineer
                      Top companies such as Amazon, Accenture, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Intel, TCS, Cognizant, Wipro, Infosys, and many more frequently hire for the Cloud Engineer role.
                      Please visit the page that will guide you through the top AWS interview questions.
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                      Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS Course FAQs

                      What if I miss the AWS Course classes?

                      You will never miss a lecture at Edureka! as you can always view the recorded session of the class available in your LMS. 

                      So, what are you waiting for then, letโ€™s enroll with Edureka and learn the best AWS course online with India's top instructors.

                      Can I change the batch after enrolling in this AWS Course?

                      No, we don't allow batch changes as they impact your learning and career goals.

                      What is the role of the PwC Academy in this Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS course?

                      This Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS course has been designed and developed by PwC Academy, and SMEs will conduct the master class.

                      What is the refund policy for the Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS course?

                      This Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS course, offered jointly by PwC Academy and Edureka, is Non-Refundable.

                      What if I have queries after I complete this Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS course online?

                      Your access to the Support Team is for a lifetime and will be available 24/7. The team will help you resolve queries during and after the completion of this certification course.

                      How soon after signing up would I get access to the Learning Content?

                      Post-enrolment, the LMS access will be instantly provided to you and will be available for a lifetime. You can access the complete set of previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, and assignments. Moreover, access to our 24ร—7 support team will be granted instantly. You can start learning right away.

                      Will the course material be available to learners after completion of the course?

                      Yes, once you enroll in the Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS course, you will have lifetime access to the course material.

                      Who are the instructors for this Designing Robust Cloud Solutions with AWS course?

                      All the instructors at Edureka are practitioners from the industry with a minimum of 10-12 years of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by Edureka to provide an excellent learning experience to the participants.

                      Is this course 100% online? Do I need to attend any physical classes?

                      This course is 100% online, and there will be no physical classes. This course can be accessed through the web on any device.
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