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Data Science Masters Program

Job Outlook

2.7 MillionCareer Opportunities estimated for Data Science and analytical roles in 2020
28.00 %Annual Growth in job opportunities for data scientists, data developers and data engineers, across the globe

Salary Trend

Jobs requiring Data Science skills are paying an average of $114,000. Advertised data scientist and data engineering jobs pay an average of $105,000 and $117,000 respectively.

Top Industries

Prominent economic sectors where data analytics is marking its presence include
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail Banking

Job titles include

  • Data Scientist
  • Data & Analytics Manager
  • Data Architect
  • Principal Scientist
  • Data Engineer

Learning Path - Become an Alpha Geek

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Statistics Essentials for Analytics Scala Essentials Data Science Certification Training Python Certification Training Apache Spark and Scala certification Training AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow Tableau Training & Certification
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Free Elective Courses along with learning path

About the Program

This program follows a set structure with 6 core courses and 8 electives spread across 26 weeks. It makes you an expert in key technologies related to Data Science. At the end of each core course, you will be working on a real-time project to gain hands on expertise. By the end of the program you will be ready for seasoned Data Science job roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Masters Program is a structured learning path recommended by leading industry experts and ensures that you transform into Data Scientist. This immersive Data Scientist program starts with Data Science training to master important Data Extraction, Exploration Techniques, and Machine Learning Algorithms, then helps you gain expertise on Python for dealing with Big Data, followed by becoming adept at Apache Spark and it's machine learning capabilities and become proficient in trending skills about AI & Deep learning using Tensorflow and finally ends at Data Visualization using Tableau. Individual courses at edureka focus on specialization in one or two specific skills, however if you intend to become a Data Scientist, then this is the path for you to follow.
Data Scientist Masters Program has been curated after thorough research and recommendations from industry experts. It will help you master concepts of Data Management, Statistics, Machine Learning and Big Data together with hands-on experience of tools & systems used by Data Scientists including Data Visualisation using Tableau. Edureka will be by your side throughout the learning journey - We’re Ridiculously Committed.
Topics covered but not limited to will be : Machine Learning, K-Means Clustering, Decision Trees, Data Mining, Python Libraries, Statistics, Scala, Spark Streaming, RDDs, MLlib, Spark SQL, Random Forest, Naïve Bayes, Time Series, Text Mining, Web Scraping, PySpark, Python Scripting, Neural Networks, Keras, TFlearn, SoftMax, Autoencoder, Restricted Boltzmann Machine, LOD Expressions, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Public, Data Visualization, Integration with R, Probability, Bayesian Inference, Regression Modelling etc.

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There are no prerequisites for enrollment to the Masters Program. Whether you are an experienced professional working in the IT industry, or an aspirant planning to enter the world of Data Scientist, Masters Program is designed and developed to accommodate various professional backgrounds.

Edureka’s Masters Program is a thoughtful compilation of Instructor -Led and Self Paced Courses, allowing the learners to be guided by industry experts, as well as learn skills at their own pace.

In the Data Science Masters Program, Data Science, Python, Apache Spark and Scala, AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow, Tableau are Instructor - led Online Courses.

Statistics Essentials for Analytics, Comprehensive Pig, Comprehensive Hive, Comprehensive MapReduce, Advanced MS Excel 2010, Machine Learning with Mahout, Advanced Predictive Modelling in R, Decision Tree Modeling Using R are self paced Courses

Yes! You can be enrolled to multiple other Instructor - Led or Self Paced courses offered by Edureka. This is the advantage of learning with us - “Flexible Schedule”. You can select the batches that allows you to make the best of your learning journey without the fear of overlapping or missing classes.
The recommended duration to complete this program is 26 weeks, however it is up to the individual to complete this program as per their own pace
As soon as you enroll, all the 13 courses mentioned in the curriculum will be added to your account. Edureka provides its learners with immediate and lifetime access to every course, which is a part of the Masters Program
No, we do not enforce order of course completion. Our Masters Program recommends the ideal path for becoming a Data Scientist, however, it is learner’s preference to complete the courses in any order they intend to.
Certificate of Completion for Masters Program shall be awarded to you once you have completed the following courses:
  • Statistics Essentials for Analytics
  • Data Science Certification Training
  • Python Certification Training
  • Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training
  • AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow
  • Tableau Training & Certification
To aid your learning journey, we have added following elective courses in the LMS:
  • Comprehensive Pig Certification Training
  • Comprehensive Hive Certification Training
  • Comprehensive MapReduce Certification Training
  • Advanced MS Excel 2010
  • Machine Learning with Mahout Certification Training
  • Advanced Predictive Modelling in R Certification Training
  • Decision Tree Modeling Using R Certification Training
Completion of the above elective courses is not associated with Master's Program completion criteria.
Yes, We would be providing you with certificate of completion for every course that is a part of the learning pathway, once you have successfully submitted the final assessment and it has been verified by our subject matter experts.