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Top 50 PMP Exam Questions and Answers For 2024

Last updated on Apr 27,2024 26.9K Views

Swatee Chand
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PMP® Certification is known as the golden standard in project management. It attracts many experienced professionals who want to advance their careers by a notch. Given that you have landed on this PMP Exam Questions and Answers blog, I believe you know these facts. For the people who are completely new to the subject, let me share the salary trend of the certified PMP® professionals before we start with PMP questions and answers. It will give you a better picture of why being PMP® certified matters.

PMP Role wise salary - PMP Exam Questions & Answers - Edureka

Apart from salary, the global reach of this certification is the other reason that speaks volumes about its popularity. PMP certification is not just restricted to a specific geographic location or industrial sector. We have nearly 833,025 active PMP® credential holders worldwide, increasing annually by an average of 10,000.

Thus, if you are determined to bag the PMP certification, you better gird up for the upcoming battle and give it your all.

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PMP Exam Questions 2024 For Better Preparation

This blog on PMP exam questions and answers is a small step to help you achieve your goal. So, without any further ado, let’s quickly start with our top 50 PMP questions and answers. You can even check out the details of ITIL with the ITIL Training.

Top 50 PMP Exam Questions and Answers in 2024

  1. Define Project Scope.

    1. The design of experiments is used to complete the project work.
    2. The cost and schedule combination is required to complete the project work.
    3. It is the description of the required work that is necessary to complete the project. [Ans]
    4. It is the description of the required work and resources that are needed to complete the project.
  2. What is a Program?

    1. A very large and complex project.
    2. A collection of projects that have common resources. [Ans]
    3. A collection of sub-projects having a common goal.
    4. A collection of subprojects having a common customer.
  3. Which of the following comprises the Project Life Cycle?

    1. Phases [Ans]
    2. Milestones
    3. Estimates
    4. Activities
  4. Being the project manager of the  ABC Project, you have allowed subsequent project phases to begin even before the predecessor phase is completed. Which of the following relates to this scenario?

    1. Crashing
    2. Fast-tracking [Ans]
    3. Risk management
    4. Tandem scheduling
  5. The person or group providing the resources and support for the project, program or portfolio and is also responsible for enabling success is called the:

    1. Project Manager
    2. Senior Management
    3. Sponsor [Ans]
    4. Client
  6. Which of the following cannot be the part of Group creativity techniques:

    1. Vendor Bid Analysis [Ans]
    2. Brainstorming
    3. Affinity Diagram
    4. Nominal Group Technique
  7. Being the project manager of a thermal power plant project you need to manage the construction of an administrative unit building. Which of the following technique will you use to quickly estimate and decide the use of historic estimate and expert judgement?

    1. Analogous Estimating [Ans]
    2. Parametric Estimating
    3. Historical Estimating
    4. Expert Judgement
  8. What is the acceptable range used for determining the realistic activity cost estimates?

    1. Level of Accuracy [Ans]
    2. Units of Measure
    3. Level of Precision
    4. Cost Management Plan
  9. What is the SPI of a Software development Project where EV = $6,000, PV = $5,000, AC = $4,000?

    1. 0.73
    2. 1.2 [Ans]
    3. 0.8
    4. 1
  10. Cost baseline is the output of which of the following?

    1. Plan Cost Management
    2. Estimate Costs
    3. Determine Budget [Ans]
    4. Control costs
  11. Suppose you are the project manager on a thermal power plant project. How will you manage your team members, if there is a difference of opinion over the design of turbine?

    1. Organize meetings to resolve the misunderstanding and agree on a common solution. [Ans]
    2. Defer the decision to procure turbine components as much as possible.
    3. Copy the design of turbine from a similar past project.
    4. Procure the turbine parts from the nearest located vendor.
  12. You find that activity in your project is very risky. How will you estimate the duration of this activity when your team member has given the optimistic, most likely and pessimistic duration for the activity?

    1. Using variance analysis
    2. Using Sensitivity analysis
    3. Using PERT formula [Ans]
    4. Using Performance Reports
  13. Which of the following is not valid according to McGreger’s Theory X?

    1. Employees seek to be directed.
    2. Employees avoid work.
    3. Employees are self-centered.
    4. Employees are self-motivated. [Ans]
  14. You are the project manager for a software development project. Your CPI drops to 0.93 when one of your key developers suddenly falls ill. To make up for your affected work, you have decided to outsource it to a vendor.  What will be the most appropriate contract type in this case:

    1. Retainage
    2. FPEPA
    3. Cost Reimbursable Contract [Ans]
    4. Letter of Intent
  15. Who among the following said, “People will be interested in their safety needs only after their physiological needs have been fulfilled.”:

    1. Maslow [Ans]
    2. Ouchi
    3. McGregor
    4. Herzberg
  16. WBS is an excellent and most effective tool that is used for tracking of:

    1. Project Resources
    2. Project Schedule
    3. Project Scope [Ans]
    4. Project Risks
  17. The best project organization structure for a small but highly technical project will be:

    1. Matrix Organization
    2. Functional Organization [Ans]
    3. Mixed Organization
    4. Projectized Organization
  18. Being a project manager is you need to manage a project where there will be a number of persons working together. If you want to enhance the ability of the team to work together and perform as a team which one of the following things you need to do to maximize the ability of the team?

    1. Work breakdown structure
    2. Staffing Plan
    3. Cohabitation
    4. Colocation [Ans]
  19. What is the role of the change control board?

    1. Assessing the impact of the change on Project objectives. [Ans]
    2. Defining requirements for the customer.
    3. Doing performance appraisal for team members involved in implementing changes.
    4. Encouraging team members to raise more change requests.
  20. Being the project manager on a STP project, you decide to respond to an identified risk by contracting out work. Which of the following will lead to the minimum risk of the buyer?

    1. CPFF (Cost Plus Fixed Fee)
    2. FFP (Firm Fixed Price) [Ans]
    3. CPPC (Cost Plus Percentage of Cost)
    4. T&M (Time & Material)
  21. For which process the stakeholder’s engagement assessment matrix is prepared as a part?

    1. Identify Stakeholders
    2. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
    3. Control Stakeholder Engagement
    4. Plan Stakeholder management [Ans]
  22. Being a project manager you need to spend significant time in communications. Which of the following option contains the three basic elements of a communications mode?

    1. Verbal, Nonverbal and Written
    2. Sender, receiver, and message [Ans]
    3. Text, drawing, and picture
    4. Manager, worker, and instructions
  23. Suppose you are assigned as the project manager of a 30 months project which is in the executing phase. What will be the best way to resolve a conflict among the technical experts in your team?

    1. Find the root cause of the disagreement. [Ans]
    2. Resolve the conflict in favor of the senior most technical expert.
    3. Hire an external consultant to enforce his decision.
    4. Remove this technical work from the scope of project work.
  24. What should be your primary concern while adding resources to your project?

    1. Effect of adding resources on project end date.
    2. Effect of adding resources on S curve.
    3. Effect of adding resources on RAM.
    4. Effect of adding resources on Cost and Schedule. [Ans]
  25. If John is working with his team to decide the degree to which cost estimates should be rounded up or down, then he is working to establish which of the following:

    1. Units of measure
    2. Level of Precision [Ans]
    3. Level of accuracy
    4. Control Thresholds
  26. Being a Project Manager, how will you deal with a stakeholder who has high power and high interest?

    1. Keep Satisfied
    2. Keep Informed
    3. Manage Closely [Ans]
    4. Monitor
  27. While estimating the cost of work in a very new technology, being a project manager which of the following will concern you the most?

    1. Lack of Quality Policy
    2. Lack of Communications management plan
    3. Internet connection not reliable
    4. Lack of Historical Information [Ans]
  28. A road project was planned to be completed in 8 months. Calculate the SV when the earned value information at the end of six months is given as: BAC = $8000 , AC = $12000,  % complete = 100%.

    1. $4,000
    2. $2,000 [Ans]
    3. $8,000
    4. $6,000
  29. What will be incentive amount for a contractor, who is working on a cost plus incentive fee contract? The project’s target cost is $5,000 with a target fee of $800, the minimum fee is $500 & the maximum fee is $1,000. Also, the buyer-seller share ratio is 80:20 with an actual cost of $6000.

    1. ($200) [Ans]
    2. $200
    3. ($600)
    4. $600
  30. Which of the following a resource histogram shows but a responsibility assignment matrix does not?

    1. Activities
    2. Interrelationship
    3. Time [Ans]
    4. Activities assigned to
  31. Which of the following is used to display sensitivity analysis?

    1. Sensitivity Diagram
    2. Data Flow Diagram
    3. Decision Tree
    4. Tornado Diagram [Ans]
  32. If SPI = 0.75 and CPI = 0.8, then which of the following reports is correct?

    1. SV = $3750
    2. CV = $4000
    3. TCPI = 0.8
    4. The project likely needs more money than planned to complete [Ans]
  33. According to PMBOK, project management processes are organized into which of the following order of process groups?

    1. Initiating, designing, planning, executing, controlling, and closing
    2. Designing, developing, testing, and implementing
    3. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing [Ans]
    4. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing
  34. Which of the following statements is true regarding negative float?

    1. The project manager should try to remove negative float by crashing or fast-tracking. [Ans]
    2. There cannot be any negative float in the project.
    3. The project manager should try to remove negative float by reducing scope.
    4. It is desirable to have the negative float in the project.
  35. Which of the following represents a set of conditions that should be satisfied before deliverables are accepted?

    1. Deliverables List
    2. Test Plan
    3. Acceptance Criteria [Ans]
    4. Punch List
  36. How will a Pareto Chart help in a project with a lot of identified action items?

    1. Understand the trend of deviations
    2. Prioritization [Ans]
    3. Complete all activities on time
    4. Identify root causes
  37. The activity relationship between the start of cleaning and the start of digging is represented by which of the following?

    1. Start-to-Start [Ans]
    2. Start-to-Finish
    3. Finish-to-Finish
    4. Finish-to-Start
  38. Schedule Variance is:

    1. This always affects the CV.
    2. This never affects the CV.
    3. A negative value means that the project will likely be delayed. [Ans]
    4. A positive value means that the project will likely be delayed.
  39. You are currently working as a Project Manager in Realty Logistics. You have been given responsibility for moving Infrastructure of ABC Software LTD to a new location. For that, you need to identify the stakeholders of your project. Based on the Power/Interest Grid that you have created, which of the following types of stakeholders’ expectation should be managed closely?

    1. High Power – Low Interest
    2. High Power – High Interest [Ans]
    3. Low Power – Low Interest
    4. Low Power – High Interest
  40. What is the company-wide policy which mandates all project quality known as?

    1. ISO 9000
    2. Quality planning
    3. Quality control
    4. Quality policy [Ans]
  41. Which one of the following describes the difference between a Standard and a Deviation accurately?

    1. Standards are optional but regulations are not.
    2. Standards are mandatory but regulations are not.
    3. Regulations are mandatory but standards may be seen as guidelines. [Ans]
    4. Regulations and Standards are essentially the same.
  42. What will be the BAC of your project, if it has a CPI of 0.80 and an EAC of $ 1265825?

    1. $1,000,000.00
    2. $1,012,660.00 [Ans]
    3. $1,582,281.00
    4. None of the above
  43. The BEST way of making an accurate forecasting of ETC is:

    1. Manual Forecasting of the cost of remaining work [Ans]
    2. BAC – AC
    3. EAC – AC
    4. (BAC EV) / CPI
  44. How will you assess a situation where six observations are within the UPPER CONTROL LIMIT and control line while the seventh observation is observed within UPPER CONTROL LIMIT and Control line?

    1. There are no defects.
    2. Project Manager should move to the next process as everything is ok.
    3. The process is out of control. [Ans]
    4. The process is in control.
  45. Which of the following can be used for Trend Analysis?

    1. Control Charts
    2. Cause and Effect Diagram
    3. Run Chart [Ans]
    4. Pareto Chart
  46. In which of theory, Douglas McGregor has defined two models of worker behavior?

    1. Theory X and Theory Y [Ans]
    2. Theory Z
    3. Contingency Theory
    4. Expectancy Theory
  47. What are the three ‘I’s’ of stakeholders?

    1. Interest, influence, and involvement
    2. Interest, influence, and impact [Ans]
    3. Interest, influence, and importance
    4. Importance, inquiry, and influence
  48. Which of the following is the objective of conducting Bidder Conferences?

    1. To make sure that all questions from potential sellers are answered privately.
    2. To make sure that potential sellers are treated as per the type of questions asked.
    3. To make sure that all potential sellers are treated equally and have access to the same information. [Ans]
    4. To ensure that all parties get answers to their questions.
  49. What is the Japanese method of modern quality management called, which relies on continuous small improvements involving everyone from the top management to the lowest level worker in the organization?

    1. Kanban
    2. Kaizen [Ans]
    3. Deming Cycle
    4. PDCA
  50. Herzberg divided motivation factors into two classes: satisfiers and dissatisfies. Which of the following are the examples of satisfiers then?

    1. The sense of personal achievement, work satisfaction. [Ans]
    2. Plush office space, performance-based salary raise.
    3. Work satisfaction, a fringe benefit.
    4. Vacation time, assignment of a personal staff assistant.

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I hope you found this PMP Questions and Answers blog informative. The questions you learned are the most sought-after questions in the PMP® Certification exam. You can refer to our Masters in Project Management for a detailed exam preparation plan.

Got a question for us? Please mention it in the comments section, and we will reply.

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Top 50 PMP Exam Questions and Answers For 2024