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Top 10 Reasons To Learn DevOps – Why Learn DevOps

Last updated on Jun 10,2024 12.5K Views

Saurabh is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka.... Saurabh is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka. His areas of interest are - DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and...
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Quite frequently I encounter this question, that why should I learn DevOps. This blog on top 10 reasons to learn DevOps, is basically to tell you how important it is nowadays to understand the concept of DevOps.

Below are 10 reasons to learn DevOps:

  1. Anyone Can Learn DevOps
  2. Fat Paycheck
  3. Easy To Get A Job
  4. Fast Career Growth
  5. Fewer Software Failure
  6. Faster Releases
  7. Exposure To Various Trending Tools and Technologies
  8. Separate Yourself From The Crowd
  9. Become More Valuable To The Company
  10. 360 Degree View Of The SDLC

Let’s start with the list now.

10. 360 Degree View Of The SDLC:


View Of The Entire SDLC - Reasons To Learn DevOps - EdurekaSince DevOps involves various stages/ phases:

  1. Source Code Management
  2. Continuous Integration
  3. Continuous Testing
  4. Configuration Management
  5. Contanerization
  6. Continuous Monitoring

Once you are familiar with DevOps concepts, you get an idea about the entire software delivery life-cycle (SDLC). As a developer you will have an idea what is happening in testing and production, that goes for other profiles as well. 

9. Become More Valuable To The Company:

Most of the companies for cost optimization purpose are looking for people with wide variety of skills.

With DevOps Training you become more valuable to the company, since you know various tools and technologies used for development, testing and deployment. 

Become More Valuable To The Company - Reasons To Learn DevOps - Edureka8. Separate Yourself From The Crowd:

With DevOps knowledge you can offer something unique to any organization. This gives you an edge over other people in an interview.

Consider the below analogy:

Separate Yourself From The Crowd - Reasons To Learn DevOps - Edureka7. Exposure To Various Trending Tools And Technologies:

DevOps involves various phases, and for each phase there are multiple tools available.

Tools such as:

  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • Selenium
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Nagios

DevOps Tools - Reasons To Learn DevOps - Edureka

6. Faster Releases:

DevOps makes the SDLC process really agile, this ensures in time releases. Organizations can analyse user behaviour pretty quickly and incorporate those changes in the next release. This gives the organizations an edge over it’s competitors, and users get a better product. 

This happens because of various phases involved in DevOps and multiple tools available. This allows Continuous Delivery and sometimes even Continuous Deployment.

At Amazon, engineers are deploying code every 11.7 seconds, on an average.

Fast Releases - Reasons To Learn DevOps - Edureka5. Fewer Software Failures:

For about 40 minutes in 2014, the entire state of Washington lost the ability to reach help dialing 911, all because of one faulty line of code.

The major software failures now mean literal life or death. Other examples include Toyota vehicle acceleration errors causing fatal accidents because of a software malfunction and medical radiation therapy killing patients. This is scary stuff.

Developers didn’t seem to have empathy or awareness of what happened to their code after it was passed to operations. And vice versa, the business was not including developers enough in the bigger picture to help them focus their efforts. This problem was identified some time ago. The solution to this problem was DevOps. DevOps ensures that developers have an idea about all the other teams because of DevOps, feedback is gives pretty early and chances of improving the code has exponentially grown.

Fewer Software Failure - Reasons To Learn DevOps - Edureka4. Fast Career Growth:

Up-scaling yourself is a necessity, especially nowadays when technology is evolving at a rapid pace.

You have to become more valuable to the organization, that is where DevOps can play a very vital role. It can increase your career growth.

You can become a Release Manager, Project Manager, Automation Architect or even a DevOps Evangelist.

Fast Career Growth - Reasons To Learn DevOps - Edureka

3. Easy To Get A Job:

There is a lot of demand of DevOps professionals, but currently there are not enough people to meet the desired requirements for DevOps roles and responsibilities. This leaves a huge window of opportunity for anyone seeking to make a mark for himself and DevOps can be a good career opportunity for them

DevOps provides the benefits which we all need in today’s market and a person who is good in that will certainly be very much in demand and will enjoy a fruitful career. Want to get trained in monitoring tools like Nagios? Want to certify as a DevOps Engineer? Make sure you check out our DevOps Masters Program.

As per CIO insight, Companies can increase frequency of their deployment by 50% by adopting to DevOps Practices also can save up to 46% in cost on other hand. There has been an increase of 22% in customer base has also observed in some cases.

This increases your chance of getting hired easily, provided you have good hands-on knowledge on various DevOps tools and technologies and DevOps  projects.

Below graph shows the percentage of matching job postings

Easy To Get A Job - Reasons To Learn DevOps - Edureka

Notice that demand for DevOps professionals is increasing and will continue this way for quite sometime.

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2. Fat Paycheck:

DevOps professionals are pretty highly paid across all geographies. Consider the below graph:


Fat Paycheck - Reasons To Learn DevOps - Edureka

1. Anyone Can Learn DevOps:

People from different backgrounds can learn DevOps. Even a fresher with basic knowledge of Linux and one scripting language can learn DevOps.

Anyone Can Learn DevOps - Reasons To Learn DevOps - Edureka


I am sure these reasons are enough for you to start building a career in DevOps. Enroll in our DevOps Post Graduate Program to get your DevOps Certification Training from Purdue University.

Got a question for us? Please mention it in the comments section and we will get back to you.

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Top 10 Reasons To Learn DevOps – Why Learn DevOps