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Top Technical Skills to Master in 2018

The Edureka skill report lists the fastest-growing technologies that will command the jobs of the future. More importantly, the report covers:

  • Salary and job trends for top technical skills
  • Industries which are hiring for these skills

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Which technical skills are worth learning and will result in a substantial payout?

This is a common question asked by technology professionals caught in today’s IT skill revolution and it is among the pertinent questions that the Edureka skill report attempts to answer. A few other questions answered in the report are:

Everyone around me is learning AI, Blockchain, Big Data, DevOps and so on… Should I do too?

Ankit Gupta Informatica Developer

I feel like I’m just another cog in the wheel. Which technology should I master to grow my career?

Pradeep Rao Android Developer

“I want to pick up technical skills to bag the new project in my company and off-site opportunities. Can you recommend a few in-demand technologies?”

Richa Sharma Software Developer

“I am stuck doing a basic job in a technology that I know will be phased out. Which technology should I learn to get access to jobs where there’s still demand for talent?”

Sameer Khan Manual Test Engineer

Professionals in which job profiles and experience range are learning these technical skills?

No job profile is safe in today’s changing skill landscape. Professionals from all industries and experience levels are upgrading their skill sets to stay relevant in the industry, as can be seen in the frequently asked questions given below. The Edureka skill report provides a detailed analysis of who is up-skilling with the top technical skills, their job profiles and experience levels in addition to popular geographies.

Which technical skills have good career opportunities and can guarantee a great salary package? Which industries and cities are these jobs in?

Priya Vadukut Automation Testing Lead

I am a senior professional with 15+ years of experience. Which technologies should I learn to stay on top of industry trends and current and future projects?

Aman Saini Linux Administrator

I am among hundreds of middle managers in my organization. How do I make sure my name is not in the next batch of lay-offs?

Venkatesh SP Development Lead

I have 12 years of work experience. Which technology should I learn at this point in my career to move up the ladder?

Alex Smith Scrum Master

What are the pre-requisites for learning these technologies?

So, you already know which technical skills will prepare you for the jobs of the future. But, do you have information handy about the pre-requisites for up-skilling with them? The Edureka skill report provides this information along with industry applications of these technologies.

I want to learn a hot technology like Artificial Intelligence / Blockchain/ IoT. What technical knowledge will I need to take them up?

Swati Singh Software Engineer

“I have basic programming knowledge, but I want to upgrade my skills with the hottest technologies. What should I learn first?

Ravi Pandit Fresher

In today’s fast-evolving and volatile IT industry, the lifetime value of technical skills is at an all-time low. While organizations are struggling to find the right talent, technology professionals are in turn trying to stay up to date. Up-skilling with future skills is no longer a choice, but a necessity for technology professionals who wish to avoid becoming redundant in the next decade. Don’t wait to become future-ready!

The Edureka skill report has been compiled after studying the skill gap in the industry and analyzing the skilling trends of nearly 17000 Edureka learners. The report serves as a guide to up-skilling with trending technologies that will guarantee career growth in the coming years.

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