Quality Analyst, Edureka

Quality Analyst Banglore, KA, India


    1.Quality Management Framework for Sales
    • • Conduct calibration sessions to ensure that all key stakeholders are calibrated on what constitutes a quality call.
      • • Design and Develop evaluation programs that analyse critical performance behavior and metrics to the sales organization.
        • • Unearth root- cause of problems, possible solutions and provide actionable insight for performance improvements.
          • • Establish a process involving sales TL to disseminate the information to ensure improvements
            • • Provide feedback to the leadership on agents’ skills and work approach.
              • 2.Generate insights for Continuous Sales Process and Product Improvement
                • • Capture the “voice of the customer” from call analysis and provide actionable inputs to sales agents/TLs and category leader and other relevant stakeholders
                  • • Articulate operational issues and trends to management
                    • • Identify areas of improvement in associates’ performance through trending and analysis
                      • • Initiate process improvements to effectively align teams’ capabilities with current and future needs
                          • 3.Call audit and Monitoring
                            • • Conduct daily call audit of at least 25 calls – capture evaluation of calls on the system and with the respective TLs and Category Leader
                              • • Spend 3 hours a day across teams and give spot feedback on calls to the Sales Agent/ Team Leader - Shadow at least 70 calls per week
                                • • Keep a track of good calls / bad calls and playing them to the TLs/agents.
                                  • • Design and create weekly quality check reports and scorecards
                                    • • Present Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Assessments of the Teams performance.
                                        • 4.Training and Coaching
                                          • • Develop test methods and techniques to ensure in-depth knowledge of best practices
                                            • • Ensure all new hires understand the expectations of a quality call.
                                              • • Identify non-performance and initiate performance improvement plans and monitor
                                                • • Provide mentoring, advice to sales agents, as well as participate in performance reviews and provide training paths
                                                  • • Train sales TLs on how to use the evaluation feedback to coach their agents to improve
                                                    • • Coach agents in real time formal and informal.

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