Quit or stay - Company going to Loss

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I graduated last year and currently working in a startup company from 1 year. The company doesn't seem to be running well lately and employees are quitting slowly. The CEO and founder are quite close to all employees since its a company of 200 people, good pay and work balance. Should i quit or stay?
Apr 23 in Career Counselling by priya
If you think the company has slight chances that it can overcome the situation then stay else leave.

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Hi Priya,

As you are working for a year, you can understand the company current status and how long it would stand out.

If the company can overcome the crisis in a limited period, then I would prefer you to stay since you are satisfied with your job.

But if it is sure that the company cannot then it's better to quit and look for another job.

Hope you can take your decision wisely.
answered Apr 23 by Cherukuri
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When you see that your company is not growing much, talk to your higher authority so that you can try to share some valuable piece advice to him for the growth.

Do not think to leave so early, rather think like if you can do something good for your company you will be recognized and get appreciation which is very rare in companies.

And if it is at all not working, then you can think of switching. Otherwise, without doing any good to your company do not leave it.
answered Jun 13 by Gitika
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