People in India stuck with career after working for 10+ year

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Is this true that the number of people getting stuck with the career after working for 10+ years in private jobs? What could be the most common issue with these people?
Jan 31 in Career Counselling by Nishant

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Yes thats actually true, a lot of people start a major depression in their career 10 years down the line. The major reason of this happening can be put as follows:-

Lack of career planning.

Missing the prospect of upskill.

Not exploring other opportunity.

Not working out of their comfort zone.

Obviously the demand of younger workface.
answered Jan 31 by Disha
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Yes, it is true. As year passes, new technologies are arising and the new generations are up to date wrt to technologies and experienced people need to learn current technologies and there are a lot of options and competition to jobs and stability.

Companies are also developing and changing as per new and current technologies and so the employees need to change and learn themselves.
answered Apr 2 by Banu

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