Not getting Interview calls

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I have been applying to multiple company and still not getting any calls from their end. What could be the possible reason of this? Please help, I have a year experience as Associate Application Developer.
Jan 31, 2019 in Career Counselling by Nishant

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Hello @Nishant, I was at the same place few months back. I had applied to 100+ companies on Naukri and Linkedin and other job portals.

The main reason I found of not getting any calls was my Resume. It was not that efficient to gain attraction of people.

I was not up to date with the technology used in the current market.

I had less number of projects in my resume.

The last project I was working on was not good.
answered Jan 31, 2019 by Dushyant
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According to me the problem must be with your resume or the way you have mention things into it.

If you have worked as Associate Application Developer then you should mention thoroughly what so ever you did in a proper manner so that it should look attractive.

After that you try to mention whatever projects you have done previously, try to mention the particular portions you have worked in so that the company people should understand your skills and get some idea regarding your capabilities.

answered Mar 29, 2019 by amrita
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Hi Nishant, you can try to do any specialized courses or any skills to improve your resume.

One reason for not getting calls could be due to resume mistakes such as unnecessary hobbies, activties, etc.
Improve your resume and do any courses in that time that you are searching, it would add importance to the job that you are applying.Add projects related to the position you are interviewing for in your resume, it will improve your resume..

One more mistake is to never quit a job until you have another job ready in another job or place.
It gets tiring to search job after quitting a job.
answered Jul 22, 2019 by anonymous

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