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I am working in a company for almost a year now. I am thinking of pursuing Masters. Will this work experience help me in Masters? Is this a good time to opt for masters degree? Please share your opinions.
Jan 30, 2019 in Career Counselling by Shubham

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Getting benefit out of your work experience will completely depend on the job role. If you are working on Cloud Computing, ML, AI then obviously you can get a benefit. If you are working on a support project then I dont think you will get any benefit. Talking about you pursuing Masters completely depends on your choice. If this interests you then you can surely go for it else it wont matter. According to me opting for masters will obviously boost your career and you certainly will get benefit out of it.
answered Jan 30, 2019 by sashi
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After graduation if you have worked for 1 year ,depends on which platform you have worked in you should decide which way you want to pursue for masters, If you want to pursue your domain in depth then you can opt for GATE for further studies. 

Otherwise if you are interested in marketing profession then obviously you can opt for GRE and start your career into it. No matter what but every domain will give you success  if you work hard just you need to be sure which way you want to move your career.

answered Mar 29, 2019 by Ishan
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Your first step is to focus of your studies and decide on a specialization within IT, Finance, Business, etc and a domain under that.

To decide which degree program to pursue, look closely at your individual skills and aptitude, as well as the personal satisfaction and enjoyment you get when you study a particular topic. You can also look at common career paths taken by various program graduates to see which of them feel right for you.

Then go for masters. Just because you finished working for 1 year experience do not jump into masters. Its a slow process of selecting the required domain/ technology , university, course fee and its structure.

Hope you can take your choice now.
answered Apr 5, 2019 by Anitha
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Since you have acquired some work experience as well, you can go for executive course for working professionals by ITM Institute. Visit the institute website to know more about the eligibility and other details. Being the pioneers of executive education in India, the college has acquired reputation among top business schools of India.
answered Oct 14, 2019 by Saurabh
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