Is pursuing MBA better than GATE or GRE?

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I have completed my engineering in Computer Science. Now I want to pursue masters and want to know whether to go for MBA or GATE or GRE? Can someone suggest as what is better for a engineering graduate student?
Jan 30 in Career Counselling by radhika

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If you want to make your future in Marketing then you can opt for MBA if you want to continue with the technical side then you can opt for GATE or GRE. Opting for GATE can open doors for government jobs at better places like DRDO and ISRO. Opting for GRE can open door for studying abroad. Opting MBA will give you a high paying job.

All the best.
answered Jan 30 by sashi
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Opting MBA - better for marketing, business related career.

Opting GATE - better for government jobs as well as for private technical IT jobs for engineers, degree holders. To take admission into indian college for post graduate/masters.

Opting GRE - better for private jobs and to take admission in foreign colleges (abroad).
answered Apr 5 by Anitha

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