Android - java or kotlin is better

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Which is better?
May 8, 2019 in Career Counselling by Anitha

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Hi Anitha,

Both are known tools for Android development.

Jave is a traditional language used for Android apps whereas kotlin is gradually replacing java in the past few years.

You can read this blog for differences and pros/cons for each of them.

Hope it helps.

answered May 8, 2019 by Cherukuri
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@Anitha, For Android development, you should learn both Java and Kotlin. Kotlin has many features and tools that Java does lacks, but to learn Kotlin you need to learn Java. As Kotlin has been derived from Java so, when you use Kotlin to develop apps in android studio you will have to use Java libraries and ultimately you have to use the knowledge of Java to write the code on kotlin. There are many advantages of using Kotlin over Java:

  1. Kotlin is more concise than Java. While, writing Java code we have to write lots of boiler-plate (boiler plate is a part of code that has to be included, means it is a necessary to write that code.for e.g: public static void main(String [] args){} ) code which consumes space and time. Hence, Kotlin helps the developer here. Kotlin does not requires boiler plate code which makes it a clearexpressivepowerful and concise programming language.
  2. JVM makes the language platform independent and Kotlin also runs on JVM and is platform independent.
  3. Kotlin would be having more safety features than Java in the future hence, Kotlin is a better programming language.
  4. Kotlin is inter-operable with the existing Android programming languages and runtimes which means you can call into the Java language from Kotlin and Kotlin language from Java.
  5. Android Studio is built upon the IntelliJ IDEA and it is built by Jet Brains and the same company built the programming language Kotlin so it is easy for the developers to make features and tools.

Hence, Kotlin is a better programming language for Android development. So if you know Java then you can easily learn Kotlin.

answered Jun 12, 2019 by Rashmi
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If you are a newbie Android developer, then personally I would like to suggest you get started with Kotlin as it is the most recommended programming language by Google. But if you want to continue with java? then yes, Java is also a better choice; you can stick with Java. My suggestion is just you need to compare both Kotlin vs Java by its features and functionality-wise and see if it matches with your app idea or not. And choose one for your better Android app development.

answered Jan 22 by Nayan
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Thanks @Nayan. I have upvoted your answer.

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