Which job is better? IT or non-IT?

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People keep telling that IT jobs are hectic and non-IT jobs don't pay you well. Which is better to choose as a career? IT or non-IT?
Feb 1 in Career Counselling by Kunal

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IT jobs are good for freshers because the salary is good. But as you keep on getting more experience, the salary hike gets less. In non-IT jobs, though the initial salary is less, hikes and salary for senior posts are good. So I would suggest you start with IT career, get some experience, complete a management course such as MBA and then switch to management. This will get you good opportunities and salary. 

Know what's better than IT and non-IT jobs? Government jobs! cheeky

answered Feb 1 by Sahith
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Well @Kunal, it's not about IT or non-IT jobs. Go for something that interests you and work won't seem hectic.

Also as you grow in a company, you tend to become managers which eventually will drag you towards the management side and that is definitely hectic.
answered Feb 7 by Hardik
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Yes IT jobs are hectic but as a fresher you get to learn so many new things.Initial starting of your career if you can learn how to work under pressure then it will help you for future. In non IT job the designation will be vulnerable and  salary to. So choose wisely what career you want to select.

But I would suggest you to choose IT sector because after some experience you can negotiate your salary and job  sector according to your choice.

answered Apr 5 by rashmi

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