What is the month of hiring in India?

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I am curious as is there something like the maximum hiring month or its just a myth? What are your opinion?
Jan 31 in Career Counselling by Nishant

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The pattern that I have observed, there is a work cycle that depends on the company. Most of the hiring is done during this period. Mostly you can observe that the month of January, February is the starting of this cycle. The maximum hiring is done in the month of march, this month maximum hiring of fresher is done. So mostly the month of January-March is were you get maximum job openings.
answered Jan 31 by Sushant Kumar
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Hey Nishant, some companies follow hiring-plans and hires mostly in particular months. Like some companies follow financial year hiring plan, so they usually hire after the beginning of financial year i.e. around May-July. While some others which have offices in USA, they usually hires around December-Janurary. 

On the other hand, small companies hires as per their needs round the year.

answered Jun 25 by Anvi
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I passed out in 2018. During my college days, service based companies used to come in even sem or Feb to May and most of the product based company's would come from August and continue till the end of the year. It depends on your college placements and the company too, so you cant exactly tell about the hiring month.
answered Jul 26 by anonymous

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