What is the future of machine learning in India?

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Hello, I'm doing a machine learning course from Edureka itself and so far it's going really good. Now if I start looking for jobs in this field, is it better if I pursue it in India or should I try someplace else? I've got constant advice saying it's better to go abroad, gives more scope and what not. I reside in India and would like to know if India has growth wrt this field.

Thank you..
Jan 3 in Career Counselling by Ali
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Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are growing everywhere, even in India. There are a lot of start-ups that are looking for ML Engineers and actually willing to invest in them. There is a good scope of AI and ML in India as it's a developing country and you'll probably have more to contribute and might actually end up making a huge difference. Other places you might get paid much better also your living cost will be higher. Your personal growth is what matters the most, so work where you think you can contribute the most and make a difference. All the best :)

answered Jan 3 by Vishal
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now these day machine learning are more used in india or other country. in future its  more scope .according to me machine learning carrier is bright. i would suggest you want make carrier in machine learning than you can join

best machine learning training in Delhi
answered Feb 18 by rajesh kumar
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Machine Learning is the best course. now a day mainly company like to work on machine learning because of customer like to buy automatic and advance machine and most of the vacancy are available in machine learning. If you have to join Machine Learning Course, I suggest you join those institute which works on the live project.

thank you

answered Feb 19 by SA
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