What is the salary range for an experienced Machine Learning Scientist in Amazon?

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I want to know what is the salary range for an experienced ML Scientist in Amazon India?
May 13 in Career Counselling by Anurag
One of my friend is working at Amazon from last 10 yrs as a Machine Learning Scientist and his package is around 50LPA right now. So if you have more experience then you would get a really good salary there.

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Hey Anurag, salary range for an experience Machine Learning Scientist in Amazon (India) is between 30.0-50.0 LPA. But again that totally depends on how good you are with your knowledge and how many years of experience you have.

answered May 13 by Piyush
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The Salary for a Machine Learning Scientist would depend on the projects you have done and the experience you have. On an Average, it would be around 25–28 LPA Salary for an Experienced ML Scientist.
answered May 28 by Gitika
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