What is Scope of Big Data Hadoop In India?

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As we are already aware that Hadoop is leading Big Data Market trends and is having a wide range of scope across IT world. But, If I choose Big Data Career path being an Indian, what is the scope in India?
Nov 8, 2018 in Career Counselling by Neha
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Hadoop and Big Data

Hadoop is the base of Big Data. If you are a fresher there is a huge scope if you are skilled in Hadoop. Amongst the open source framework, there is almost no other alternative which can deal with petabytes of data as Hadoop can. In 2015 was it was predicted that the Indian Hadoop industry will grow upto 5 times in the analytics center.

Job Market Trends

Research suggests that by the end of 2018 India alone will face a shortage of about two lac data scientist. The probable growth of Big Data in India is because of the awareness of the benefits that insights from unstructured data can impact businesses.

 Another fact is that India is considered a hub for outsourcing such operational efficiencies at low cost. One can see Bangalore emerging as a hub for such outsourcing capabilities.

Jobs for Hadoop developers in on the rise as organisations from different verticals such as e-commerce, retail, automobile, telecom are adopting analytics to gain an advantage over their competitors. Increasing demand and cost-effectiveness is also making many international companies focus on India with plans for expansion. If new is right Twitter is also in the process of setting their R&D centre in India.

answered Nov 8, 2018 by Kriss

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As long as there are computer systems used, there is gonna be digital data. And as the days go on, the data will keep on increasing. Handling Big Data has become a high priority for every mid-scale and large-scale company today. And there are so many companies up-scaling. All this summarizes to one thing. Big Data is always gonna be there and so Big Data Hadoop will always have scope.
answered Mar 1 by Mehta
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Everything is becoming online now. Movies, food, bookings, banking, data storage etc. Due to this, there is a lot of digital data generated every day. So, the scope of Big Data Hadoop is really good. People who choose Hadoop as a career will not regret it. There are lot of companies in India too that handle Big Data, so the scope would be similar as it is around the world.
answered Mar 1 by Vikrant
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With everyone talking about it as one recognizing it as one technology trend that cant't be ignored, we are truly in the era of Big Data. Hadoop is the supermodel of Big Data. If you are a Fresher there is a huge scope if you are skilled in Hadoop.

The need for analytics professionals and Big Data architects is also increasing . Today many people are looking to pursue their big data career by grabbing big data jobs as freshers. However, as the big data itself is a huge field.

answered Apr 3 by subham

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