Should one opt for C or stick to programming languages like Java Python etc

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I am stepping into IT and i wanted to know, when one can create any kind of application using C# why its not as famous as Java or Python?

Oct 18, 2018 in Career Counselling by Nishant
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Don't agree completely..Maybe its right to say that diff languages are used in diff domains...Like for web development, JavaScript and Python are prominenet, for software applications, Java & python are the most suited languages...And for gaming applications, C# is used majorly...

Totally agreed @Vardhan, C# supports Structures, Operator Overloading and Preprocessors directives, whereas, Java has none of them. My point java is not always better than c#.

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For the longest time C# is considered. .Net languages suffers from the windows only syndrome. Here you can only develop applications for windows environment. This was one of the major downfall, talking about Java, Python, etc. are platform independent.

The good thing with. Net and C# now is the advent of. Net core. This is an attempt by Microsoft to make the platform, platform independent. And as this takes shape, we should be starting to see the platform concerns eliminated for the. Net stack. It is already rich in feature set, productivity, IDE support and range of apps that can be developed.

There is a subtle miss there in that even the most platform independent languages like Java are rarely used by enterprises in a platform agnostic way. i.e. The enterprise doesn't have a mix of Windows and Linux and Cent Os servers for their Java apps. They still use just one type of ecosystem. But the option of platform independence coupled with the notion of never being forced into a corner by using the Microsoft stack is tempting enough. It also helps (and bad sometimes) that the developers can use any OS and tools to work on the same source code. With. Net languages, it is normally defined to be a Windows Os and Visual Studio IDE.
answered Oct 18, 2018 by Nabarupa
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The main reason is because the .Net platform that C# depends upon comes from a closed source, windows-only heritage. .Net was designed to be HARDWARE neutral, NOT OS neutral. Yes, today you can target .Net apps to Linux OSes including Android as well as MacOS and iOS but even to this day all non Windows OSes are still second class citizens. Full portability for the entire framework, as well as non windows versions of develiper tools and IDEs, is still quite far off. A great many devs do not work in Windows as a primary environment so these shortcomings are very frustrating.

Furthermore, like Java, it is founded and still very heavily controlled by a single corporate entity. Java has the advantage over .Net of being deliberately designed to be FULLY multi-platform however because of the sometimes authoritarian management by Oracle it is frequently passed over in favour of languages and platforms that are more community minded.

The same goes with C# and the .Net ecosystem on general. The future direction can change on Microsoft's whim solely to address Microsofts own interests. That lack of confidence makes devs really wary of investing time and resources in it
answered Oct 18, 2018 by Trisha
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Java is:
1. Almost fully open source
2. Platform independent, modular
3. Powered by rich set of libraries/packages, more frameworks
4. A good tool, a lot of developers
5. Interesting languages working on JVM: Scala, Clojure, Groovy

Why use c# then..

answered Oct 18, 2018 by Nilesh
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