Take up an available job or wait for the dream one?

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I'm a fresher and I have been getting job offers for a role that I'm not interested in. I've been trying to get into my dream job role but I'm unable to. Should I keep trying and wait for it or should I just take up the ones that are available and compromise?
Nov 16, 2018 in Career Counselling by Ali
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Honestly getting a dream job being a fresher is a little difficult. You can try for sometime may be like 6 months but eventually you'll to start working. Start working temporarily if you've waited too long and keep preparing for those dream jobs on the side. Don't settle for something you do not like.
answered Nov 16, 2018 by Maverick
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You need to ask 2 questions to yourself:

  1. Can you afford not to work and wait?
  2. Why are you unable to get your dream job?

If you can afford to stay without and income then you may wait and prepare for your dream job. But is it necessary not to work for it? If you are unable to get your dream job, it means that you need some more preparation. If you can prepare alongside working then you should accept the job and prepare yourself for your dream job. If you can not prepare while working and can afford to stay without a job till you get your dream job then, wait for your dream job.

answered Mar 27 by Pavan

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