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Hi All,

As we have many learned and experienced people here, I thought of how they can help the younger ones and also others who have questions to ask about their career, but don't know where to ask and who is the right person to ask.

It will be great if someone can throw light on various questions the community has and help us.

I will start with one, which bothers most of us all.

Should we focus on our core strengths in Technology and Languages or we should go after upcoming and much talked about technologies like Hadoop, Blockchain, IoT etc. With so many new things coming in the market, it gets very confusing. What do you think folks?

Jul 4, 2018 in Career Counselling by donotcall
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It will be a better approach to learn the basics and then move to advanced. See it's feasible as if a baby first doesn't learn how to stand and walk how is he going to cope up with running. Similar is the case with the technical domain if you don't know the basics you might never land up being best in the new ones.
answered Jul 4, 2018 by bug_seeker
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Thank you @bug_seeker!
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There are many opportunity in the industry all you need is to master your skills.

Coming to the fact that you can only master a skill when you know about it completely and forget about Hadoop, AI , Blockchain, IoT lets move a step back and come to Java and C in order to call yourself master of these programming language you need to be thorough with your knowledge about these and trust me calling yourself master means a big thing now coming to the question that if you have to learn new things then you need to learn the basics. Hence start with your basics first then go for advanced tech.
answered Jul 4, 2018 by Priyaj
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Thank you @Priyaj Kumar. This is really helpful. btw what do you do?
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I have got a question.. With so many trending technologies coming to light every day, how can i decide which technology i should learn/work on? I look up on the internet and every day i see the trending technologies, each one unique and powerful in their own way. But how can i decide which technology will be consistent over the coming years and which should i learn?
answered Jul 4, 2018 by digger
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I think knowing our core strength is important, knowing the basics to the perfection level is very important but at the same time being very up to date with the technologies and coping up with company requirements is also very important. Because of course you do not want to lose the race of success. In this very competitive world we need to be knowing everything, or atleast should be in a state of learning and adopting to new technologies quickly because that's what most of the companies look for when they recruit.
answered Jul 4, 2018 by Kalgi
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My question would be that why just traditional subjects like Maths, physics chemistry biology! There should be more subjects like music, dance cooking and crafts etc in schools!

What do you people think!
answered Jul 6, 2018 by QueenBee
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Certification matters more or experience?
answered Jul 6, 2018 by Hannah
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hey @Hannah, Both - certification and experience equally matters, its difficult to get into a company without certification and once you get in experience will help you the most.
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My question would be

Why are the syllabus still the same as it was back in 1950s. Should the syllabus be more open towards things we have to do in actual world because what we are taught is never what we do in the Industry this affects the career ?
answered Jul 6, 2018 by DragonLord999
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People in India, usually parents and especially uncles and aunties force their kids to do Engineering, Medical or Management as if these are the only careers that exist.. Why is career in the field of arts so underestimated?
answered Jul 6, 2018 by slayer
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Hello Slayer. The field of art is underestimated because people are less aware of opportunities in this field. They usually think that there are many vacancies in Engineering, Medical or Management compared to other fields which is not completely true. No matter what field it is, what matters is how good you are in it. If you are really good at some art, you should try to convince your parents to let you choose it.
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Doesn't matter what skills I carry today....I feel that, every technology will do sooner rather than later....So better keep yourself updated.

And me too.
answered Jul 6, 2018 by chaitanya_narala
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I've always wanted to know if companies use technology to hire new employees? For instance, Analytics?

Slightly offtopic and not about my career....But #JustSaying
answered Jul 6, 2018 by Vardhan
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I'm working in a company and i've got an offer from another company which pays better. Should i stay loyal to my current company or switch?

Because I've heard shifting jobs can give a wrong impression on your resume.
answered Jul 6, 2018 by Nilesh
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Hey @Nilesh, see at the end what matters the most is your growth in career. If you think there's good scope of growth in the company you're currently working in then you should just stick to it. If you think you can get more experience and there's greater growth in the new one then probably you should go for it. I'm sure the company where you're currently working will understand and want the best for your future. Think about your growth in a company over money.
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I have always wondered why people who switch companies get more paid(most of the times) than the company they are working in?

But for the contributions they have made to their company, their company should be paying them more than some other company.
answered Jul 6, 2018 by job_seeker
Hey job_seeker, the raise you get in a company is based on your base salary that you have got when you joined the company. The raise is usually a percentage of your base salary and so the raises are less. When you switch companies, you demand a higher salary for how good you are. With a higher base salary and because the raise is a percentage of your base salary, it'll be higher. This is why you get paid high when you switch companies
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I've done my engineering and now i've realized that I dont want to get in the tech side. Is to late to shift towards management ?
answered Jul 11, 2018 by shelly
Hey @shelly keep one thing in mind, its never too late for anything if you really want to do it. Time wouldn't matter and anyways when you talk about management field, a lot of people with a little tech knowledge are very much required so whatever you've learnt is never going to waste.
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should i start working and get experience or should i go for my higher studies?
answered Jul 11, 2018 by shitzu
hey @shitzu, this depends on what further studies you're planning to do. If you're planning on doing your masters then experience would be an added advantage but no experience also wouldn't matter. But that's not the case if you want to do MBA, for MBA a minimum of two years experience is needed.
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Hello sir.. I am a 2nd year Engineering student. I am from Computer Science and Engineering Department.. What do you suggest I should concentrate more on to be ready for the Industry?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by Nabarupa
Alright @Nabarura you can start with brushing up your basics in Data structures, algorithm designs, DBMS, operating system and computer networks. Once you're done with these learn about all the latest technologies that are used in major companies. I hope this helps and all the best for your future.
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I have completed my BCA and am unable to get job what shall i do MBA or MCA? I am confused!!
answered Jul 12, 2018 by Suman
Hello @suman so the thing is if you're planning on going in the tech side do your MCA, it you want to go towards management then do MBA. Decide what stream your interests lie in.
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I am a recent graduate with less score in my engineering.. I am interested to work in the core field but because of my low score i am not getting jobs.. I am getting jobs in call centers though.. My question is, should i do some courses and wait till I get job in core field or should i simply join the customer side job?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by rakesh
Hey Rakesh. Many people who are successful today have had less scores in their college, so you do not have to worry about it.To answer your question, if you are really interested to work in core field then you should start with some course and wait for an opportunity. But if you have responsibilities and can not wait for the job you dream of, then you should take up the job you get.
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What should I do get a job or sit and prepare for Gate or MBA
answered Jul 12, 2018 by GateAspirant
Its better to get a job experience before going for MBA.
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I have graduated recently and did some research and found that avg pay in IT industry is 23000 pm and i have seen people with less educational qualification earn more money doing their business. So what do i do ?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by Frustrated Engineer
Hey there! It completely depends on your interest. If you are interested in IT industry, then a lesser salary should not matter. But if making money is what you want, then you could start a business. If you are going to start a business then do your research and learn about it properly. Be aware of the risks and how to prevent/solve them. All the best!
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A lot of famous people are successful because they had the guts to drop out of something they did not like and they had passion to follow their dreams. But if I drop out now wont it have major consequences? Isn't it too late now?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by Neha
That's a really good question @Neha.
If you've got a clear idea of what you want to do once you drop out, you can probably take the risk. Yes it's going to have major consequences but if you think you're going to be successful then you'll have the guts to deal with it.
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In the current situation, is better better to do MBA or MS after Engineering?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by anonymous
Hello Dear
MBA and MS are two different things depending on your interest as what you want to do in future.
Get to know what kind of masters degree you want first then tally it with your interest and then go for it.
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I am in 3rd year and preparing for GATE. I already attended Gate-Forum institute, I think i am still not prepared for GATE is it okay to take the coaching again? As i don't want to take any chances for missing out GATE. Which coaching institute have promising teachers and methodology for GATE.
answered Jul 12, 2018 by Phaneesh
Yes @Phaneesh you can take another year for gate preparation as you are still in 3rd year. You can go for the Gate-Forum again or go for MadeEasy anything would work but last years MadeEasy results were more promising.
Hope this helps you.
All the best for Gate 2019
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I've done my engineering in computer science and currently working as a software engineer in a nice company. engineering was never my choice but i did anyways. I was not bad at it, just that my interests differed. And now I'm done with my engineering, already got a job and started working, i still feel i haven't got all figured out. Is it too late? Is it okay to not have things figured out even now?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by shiva
Hey @shiva most of the people doing engineering never knew as what will be things that they would be studying.
There are many other opportunities that you can pursue even now.
Quoting one of the Standup comedian #Atul_Khatri he is the CEO of a IT company and does stand up as part time. Its never too late to start anything new.
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With limited job vacancies and huge number of candidates wanting job, many people get repeatedly rejected in the interviews. Me being one of them, what advice would you like to give people like us?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by anonymous
Hello dear!
First of all figure out as what type of company you want to work for?
Then take ample time to get prepared for the same. I guess 6 month would be sufficient to crack the selection procedure of a company.
All the best. Prepare and try getting hands on with the latest languages.
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I often hear people telling that the IT industry is dying and there are not many job opportunities.. Is it true? Should I continue in the IT industry or should I change my field?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by bharath
Hey @bharath its not true.
If you have invested 4 years of your life studying about CS or IT and you have interest in that, then why you want to change your field. Keep this as the motivation that only 1 vacancy is required for you! Do the efforts getting only that.
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I have completed my but haven't got placed anywhere how can i prepare for the interviews and get ready to fetch a good job in the IT industry?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by Aman
Hey @aman,
The best way to do that is preparation. Find the best courses out there for the domain you are preparing for and get a certification or good handson for the same and you are good to go!
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I have completed my B.Tech and i got placed at TCS and Wipro. Where do i join as i don't want my learning to be stagnant. Shall i even join these companies or shall i look for some product based company? I am good with coding and have participated in few of the coding competition aswell.
answered Jul 12, 2018 by Meraj
Hey @Meraj
Obviously a startup or a product based company will be the best place to implement your knowledge.
As you are good with coding i guess you definitely should go for a product based company.
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The problem is, after starting this new job, I'm quite intimidated by the workload. It's a ton of information, that I'm sure it's going to take at least a month or two to get it down. should I just leave or stick around, waiting in stress and hope that one day it'll all just "come to me"?

answered Jul 12, 2018 by Raina
Hey @Raina
Workload is the thing you need to figure out as the company pays you for doing that. Instead of taking break just break your task into peices and then solve them. Use the theory of divide and conquer. That will help you ease your load and you could get things figured out.
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What do i do if i have a 2 years experience in IT industry and now i get to work at a renowned IT industry but at entry level. Shall i join or not?

If i join there my experience would be useless.

Help me as what do i do?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by Uttam Prasad
Hey @Uttam_Prasad
Never leave your experience behind. You got your experience by working and you know what you did!
Getting into a renowned company but as a entry level person wont help you as you wont be given task assigned to a experienced person. Hope you get my point
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Should I choose a job based on how well they pay or how good the job description is and how that will affect my growth in the company?
answered Jul 12, 2018 by rancho
Hey @rancho
I guess you are inspired by 3 Idiots. Definitely you should go for the job description first as that will be the final destination that would be helping you to get the hike in your career.
Hope it helps
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I'm 22, is it too late to switch educational fields now?

I want to do masters in Finance and I've done computer science engineering.
answered Jul 24, 2018 by Noob
Hey there, it's never too late to do what interests you.. If you have interest in finance, you should continue your education in it.
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Hi.. I have always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur but have always been scared of the risks. What are the risks I should be ready for to build a start-up and how should i be prepared for it?
answered Jul 25, 2018 by Theo
Hey Theo, there are a lot of risk for an entrepreneur such as losing your investment, financial instability, not getting enough business and many more. To be able to avoid risks, make proper research, analyze the market, be wise while investing.
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I am almost graduate! In my final semester and am really messed up as what to do?

I am a CSE graduate, placements are going on! Companies like TCS, CTS Wipro etc are here for recruitment. I want to be in a product based company as there i would get a better opportunity to grow and the salary perks are also good.

I am confused as wether i should join service based company and switch after a year or wait and get ready for some product based company
answered Jul 25, 2018 by Reshma
Hey @Reshma its not bad to work in companies like TCS,CTS, WIpro etc they too have R&D teams over there all you need is talent as to get in there are grow yourself.
Yes you can switch companies with a year experience. All the best hope this helps.
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I'm currently working in a company which doesn't garentee growth. Is it okay if i quit?
answered Jul 25, 2018 by Drishti
Hey @Drishti
Yes its okay to quit a job where you dont find any growth.
You work on a daily basis is because you want growth.
If you have a better opportunity then you should quit. Growth is one of the main things you need to be successful. But if you do not have a better opportunity yet, dont quit right now, wait for the opportunity.

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