what mistakes you should avoid for your first interview? [closed]

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Hi, I am a final year B-tech student and started preparing for my interviews. I am going through all the technical topics which need to be done, but I am confused about what mistakes should I avoid so that the chances of rejection can be less.

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There are many tips on what you should do to ace job interviews, but understanding what you should not do is equally important.

Mistake 1 Candidate does not know much about the company:- It seems that graduate jobseekers do not know much about the company. Not being able to answer the question, " why you want to work with us?" could reduce the chances of clearing your interview and cost your job even though.

It is not so hard to address the problem. Start your research with the company website and try to collect information about that particular firm.

Mistake 2 Focusing too much on salary:- Excessive focus on your salary as a fresher can also portray you as someone who is more interested in rewards, rather than the learning experience.

Mistake 3 Being Overconfident:- There is a fine distinction between being confident and overconfident. In interview sessions, action matters a lot. Explain your achievements and highlight it but in a subtle manner. Too much of emphasizing can leads to cut off your chances of selection.

All the best for your interview, do well.

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These are some things you should avoid while going for an interview (be it first or last):

  • Not being punctual.

  • Using your cellphone.

  • Wearing the wrong outfit.

  • Failing to prepare for the interview

  • Failing to research your interviewer. 

  • Overconfidence and being boastful.

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