What sort of questions should I expect in a start-up interview?

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I'm going to be attending an interview in a startup. what sort of questions can I expect?
Nov 16, 2018 in Career Counselling by Ali
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Haha, I've had quite a few experiences with starteup interviews. The one question that I was asked everywhere was if I was ready to work for extended hours. Since its a startup it needs more attention. Be careful when you're asked such a question.

All the best..
answered Nov 16, 2018 by Zaid
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Hey All, if you are going to attend an interview in a startup, you can expect following types of questions:

1. Question about your previous employment or work experience, if you are experienced.

2. If you are a fresher, then they might ask you about your personal work models like GitHub or CodeChef or Stackoverflow accounts. Or they could ask you to share your projects.

3. Usually start-ups interview process involves practical knowledge. So you could be asked to write some code snippet or workflow.

4. Most importantly they ask you whether you are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and whether you could take ownership of your work, because in start-ups everyone works individually and have to be answerable for their work.

5. They could also ask you if you are comfortable working for extra hours, if needed.
answered Apr 2 by Amrita

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