Should I move from an MNC to a Start-Up for good package

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Hi. I am working in an MNC as a Software Developer for over a year now. I recently got a job offer from a new startup and they are ready to pay me 60% more than what I am earning here. Should I move from my current company and go to the startup for a better package?
Sep 6, 2019 in Career Counselling by Kiran
Why are you hesitating? Seems like a good step forward...
I wanted to get a few suggestions to know if only a good package is a good enough reason to switch.
Kiran, Startup is usually considered better for growth and to enhance your skills compared to MNC. Just like Raghu said you cannot make the decision based on package. Check out work and projects undergoing by the company. Consider various factors such as work pressure, salary and the growth in your career.

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I don't think you should make a decision just based on the package. Because it is a startup, there can be various things to consider. You might have to work more than you work in your MNC, you might have more pressure than in your current job. If the startup goes in loss, they might lay you off. These are some things you have to think about and decide whether you are ready to take these risks. The good thing about working in a startup is that you are exposed to the whole product and not just to a part of it. You will get to learn more. Consider all these parameters and then decide whether you should switch or not. Don't let a better package be the only reason.
answered Sep 6, 2019 by Raghu
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Hey Kiran, the thing you should be considering here is what's the size of the startup, how much is it's revenue and how it is doing? Because salary package is something which should be your second priority. First you should think whether you will get enough exposure there and how your job role would be. What would be your daily routine and what kind of pressure would be there.

Start-up culture is usually fast-paced, so their environment is quite different from big MNCs. So consider all these factors before making any decision.  Hope this would help you.
answered Sep 6, 2019 by Abha
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Working for a Startup would definitely give you lots of exposure to a varied number of technologies/fields that you might probably be working for the first time. You would be exposed to the plethora of latest techs and its trends.

Most MNC's have a fixed resource/person for every specific task and because of this you might find your daily task monotonous and boring after a couple of days. So why not try something new when you are paid fair enough.

Accepting the Startups Offer would be something that I would go for.
answered Sep 6, 2019 by Sirajul
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Startups are a really good way to grow in an IT industry. Working on an already established company or a product will not teach you much. Whereas working on a completely new product will give you more exposure.

There are two possibilities here - the startup company will grow the way its expected by the owners or will go into loss.

If the company goes into loss, there are chances that you might end being unemployed but on the brighter side, this will reflect positively on your resume. Failures give you the best experience which you can learn from.

If the company grows, bingo - That's exactly what you wanted.

Note: Work pressure is higher in a startup
answered Sep 6, 2019 by Pallavi

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