When I mention Devops in my skill set what all prospects of employment can I expect

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What are the employment areas when I mention Devops as a part of my skill set in my resume?
Sep 6, 2019 in Career Counselling by Liana

Have a look at this DevOps career guide to get detailed information: https://www.edureka.co/career-guide/devops-engineer

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@Liana, some of the most popular job roles which requires devops and can land you on a good job are:

  1. DevOps Engineer

  2. DevOps Automation Expert

  3. DevOps Lead

  4. System Engineer

  5. Release Manager etc

Accelerate your career with our DevOps Course.

answered Sep 10, 2019 by Pratibha

selected Sep 10, 2019 by Abha
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DevOps is one of the best platforms and is trending in the present job market. There are no particular prerequisites for this. Anyone who has a basic knowledge of UI/UX development, Application, and Software development can pursue the various courses in DevOps.

Employment Areas for DevOps:

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Automation Engineer

  • System Administrator

  • DevOps Consultant

  • App Pops engineer

answered Sep 6, 2019 by Sirajul
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Hey @Liana, check this out, It gives information on a career path to DevOps.


answered Sep 9, 2019 by pardh

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