I passed my B com in 2013 What are career prospectives that I can go through to be employed

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May 11, 2020 in Career Counselling by Kushasan
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Hello Kushasan,

Well, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for the you.You should establish your Career in that area where your interest lies. Identify your Hidden-Potential , Strengths & Skills. Depending upon such identification, you can figure out where you have to go

Now moving to the career options that you can have:

1) Insurance Agent/ Insurance Broker: This is a very good job for people from commerce background. The insurance brokers and agents sell insurance policies to people. They get paid in salary as well as commission out of the clients you generate.

2) Sales Tax Inspector: This is a job for which you can apply. You need to appear for MPSC exam and then you can be chosen for this job. This is a government job. Graduation is necessary, percentages do not matter.

3) Income Tax Notice Surveyors: This is a job which you can get solely on your B. Com degree degree. Here you need to just supply income tax notices to people who are defaulters. This is a Government job and you can easily get promoted in 2–3 years.

4) Tax Consultant: You can work as a tax consultant for small shopkeepers and traders. These consultants are tied up with C.A.’s and they earn a decent salary and brokerage for their jobs.

5) Bank Jobs: This is by far the best sector you can get in. You need to give banking exams and service commission exams and you can get a job here.

6) Doing MBA: This is the last option, which I guess you should not opt. You can do MBA in finance or operations research and there are decent opportunities. But both of these courses are highly math intensive and rigorous.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck for your future !!!

answered May 12, 2020 by Niroj
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