I keep thinking everything I ve coded could be done better How can I write a more effective and elegant code

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I'm working on Java for 3 years but still keep thinking everything I've coded could be done better, faster, or in fewer lines. With the code I write right now, I don’t really feel like a professional developer. How can I write a more effective and elegant code? Has anyone felt the same as me? How did you overcome it?
Sep 6, 2019 in Career Counselling by ruchita

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Feeling ashamed or down on your work can motivate you to write better efficient code. This thought comes to mind of every coder or programmer in their work at least once. This thought makes your subconscious mind knows you can aim higher than where you are right now. This means you want to improve and become better for what you do. So don't let yourself down and compare with others at a higher rank than you. You just might currently lack the skills but you can make it happen one day by practicing and working hard. There are various means to improve your potential other than work by taking part in competitions or hackathons would enrich your knowledge and skills.

Hope it helps!
answered Sep 9, 2019 by prajwal
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A wonderful code resembles a delightful poem.The more clear your considerations and comprehension of the ideas are ,the all the more hypnotizing and engaging your code would be.

Along these lines,

1.Have a solid algorithmic base.

2.Enhance your thought on information structure

3.Always attempt to archive your code ie. leave spaces,new lines,make utilization of comments,and in particular - utilize significant variable and capacity names.

Consider it 'In the event that you were senior programming engineer at some enormous company,how would you need an assistant/your colleague present a code to you"...you would obviously need him/her to compose flawless and much straightforward codes.

Finally, just remember that that the manner in which you code reflects your reasoning so be certain with all that you do.
answered Sep 9, 2019 by Sirajul
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A lot of developers have this doubt. But you need to know, nobody is perfect. I personally feel the perfect and the most efficient code does not exist. But everybody gets better with experience. Try to make your code as efficient as possible and with time and experience you will be a pro.
answered Sep 9, 2019 by Bhagya
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There is always a chance to improve the quality of code you write. And your willingness to do so shows what we call it a "Growth Mindset". To start with you can try to understanding various coding standards (every programming language has set rules to follow to write efficient and systematic code).

But before this, you need to understand what are the parameters that makes a code efficient. Few such attributes are reusability, scalability and optimization. Few of the basic things that most of engineers do not concentrate much but is really important to make you a proficient programmer are Basic OOPS concepts, Understanding Frameworks and learning Algorithms.
answered Sep 10, 2019 by David

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