How can I start learning Node.js and its related components?

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I want to build my career as a web developer and so I want to start it with Node.js. But I am not aware of prerequisites required to learn Node.js. Can Anyone guide me how to achieve it ?
Jun 6, 2019 in Career Counselling by code_ninja
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Node.js is an open source server environment which uses JavaScript on the server to develop backend applications

As you can see the definition itself describes that Node.js is all about JavaScript so your first step to Node.js should be Learning JavaScript

You can use these free resources to learn javascript:

Once you are clear with JavaScript then next you can easily move forward to Node.js and its core concepts.

Follow this Structure to understand Node.js Concepts in proper way,

  • Node.js Installation
  • Node.js Modules: Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Http Server and Client: Express Framework, Routes, application Deployment
  • Asynchronous Programming: Call stack, Callback queue and Event Loop mechanism
  • Integration Of Node.js and MongoDB: REST APIs and GraphQL
  • Authentication, Application Security and Testing
  • Dynamic Client-Server Interaction and Microservices Application using Node.js

let me also give you some free sources to learn these Node.js Concepts:edureka Node.js - YouTube

Edureka’s Node.js Certification Training will help you gain the expertise in all the topics mentioned above

Also their Certification training is aligned with NCD program which is about to release in Mid of 2019- Certification - Node Foundation

You will be trained by Industrial Node.js Developers who have been currently working on any of the Node.js Projects

They do provide you assessments and project, where you can test yourself and cover-up your loop holes

Also their 24x7 support team is available, where the technical experts will help you clear your queries regarding the core concepts. Even they will guide you if you need assistance while solving the final Node.js Certification

After completing Node.js you can also go Full-Stack Developer Training where you will learn how to develop and manage application both frontend and backend together using JavaScript-Full Stack Developer Online Course | Full Stack Developer Certification- Edureka

I hope this helps you :)

answered Jun 6, 2019 by ArchanaNagur
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