What would be a better internship to do for the technology of AWS and Azure?

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What would be a better internship to do for the technology of AWS and Azure?
Nov 22, 2018 in Career Counselling by Nitesh
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Both Azure and AWS are the well reputated cloud platforms. Getting internship at anyone would be a career benefit.

You get to intern under the roof of two most amazing IT companies Amazon and Microsoft.

Again it depends on your knowledge as you know Azure better or AWS better?

AWS has been there for a longer time, but having Microsoft at tail is biggest problem as the competition increases.

Hence, you can go for any of the two!

All the best.
answered Nov 22, 2018 by Namitha
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Both are the best cloud service providers, AWS being the first has more opportunities but that doesn't change the fact that Azure is also having lot of job opportunity. Talking about internship, both will give you broad view about cloud computing. So, choosing anyone will suffice the proper meaning for internship.
answered Mar 10 by Rishan

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