Can I quit my job without having a new one

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Hi guys. I am working in an IT company and I am fed up of it. There is too much pressure and partiality. Even after I am assigned more work than others, when I complete it within the deadline, I get yelled by my boss. This is happening for a long time. I kept myself motivated for too long but I don't think I can take it anymore. But here's the problem. I don't have another job. I hadn't planned to quit so hadn't gone looking for another job. What should I do? Should I submit resignation even when I don't have another job?
Feb 13, 2019 in Career Counselling by Madhuri

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It is not healthy to work in a toxic environment. It will affect your health and mental peace. I think you should give the resignation but before that, here's what you should think of. Once you submit your resignation, you will have a notice period. You can look for jobs then. LinkedIn is one good place for you. You can update your profile and look for jobs and be contacted by recruiters. You have worked hard for your company so I don't think you will have difficulties finding a new job. But just to prepared, let me tell about the situation if don't get a job before your notice period ends. It's not a bad thing to not have a job when you are doing it for the right reason. You can look for jobs then too. And in your free time, you can update your skills or learn new technology.
answered Feb 13, 2019 by Disha
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It is not a wise choice to quit your job before having another one. But in your work case, it is an exception. Considering your situation, it is not good for you to be working there when you are not being treated right. Don't worry about the new job. You seem like a good, efficient employee and I think you will land at your new job very soon. I think quitting will not be a bad thing.
answered Feb 25, 2019 by Shirish
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Hey @Madhuri, you seem pretty worked up at the office. If you think what you're going through is worth it then continue, push yourself to the maximum limit but don't let others push you. 

It's okay to leave the job even if you haven't gotten another one. All the best :)

answered Feb 26, 2019 by Kim
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I don't think you should quit now. If it's getting too hectic then start looking for another job and quit as soon as you get another one. The pressure of current work might be the fuel to get another job.
answered Mar 14, 2019 by Linda
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No, that's a big problem for IT jobs. As long as you don't have another official proof or offer letter or joining letter from another company, do not take such risks. Even if you are quite experienced, its better to go to interview, and then inform regarding resignation to your company. Many jobs are at risks and no stability so its not a preferred option.

You can immediately resign once you get another offer from another company. You can wait for a few more days until you have another option.
answered Apr 2, 2019 by Sindhu

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