can i get a job without a engineering or degree completed certificate?

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Hi, I am dropped from college in 5th semester due to personal problems and without certificates. Can i get a job without a engineering or degree completed certificate?
Apr 25 in Career Counselling by shiva
Sorry man!! Most of the jobs require a minimum degree qualification. You can try Non-IT jobs by taking any diploma courses.

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Yes, you can get Jobs without Engineering or degree but with minimum intermediate or diploma certificate

You can do IT jobs in some companies such as web designer or Developer with any certification from any private institutes such as NIT, NIIT, etc provide master degree courses which are similar to engineering or degree certification (not a graduate certificate).

Some of the other jobs are -

Freelancer Work,




Hope it helps you.
answered Apr 25 by Cherukuri
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Yes, you can get jobs by taking courses, but a basic degree is asked around in most of the companies as a basic criterion.

You can become a freelancer then depending on work you can take up projects and work from home itself.

Other ways are to become animator, Receptionist, Typing jobs, Etc.

Just try your best!.
answered May 22 by anonymous
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