How to start my career again

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I have been on a break of almost 1 year now. I was working as an Application Developer and have a 2 years experience. I took a year off due to some problem in my family. Now I want to restart my career. Can someone advice me as what are the possible ways to do that?
Feb 11, 2019 in Career Counselling by Jamie Lanson

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Your mantra should be "Its never too late".

It might be difficult for you to start everything back again. You can always start with where you left. You can talk to the HR of your previous company and find for a vaccany. You can reach out to your colleagues.

You can make a profile on Naukri, Glassdoor, and Linkedin. You have a 2 years experience and the break you took is legit, so getting back on track wont be that big of a problem.

All the best.
answered Feb 11, 2019 by Dheeraj Sharma
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You have 2 years of experience and that won't go waste. You can use that to get a new job. Update your resume. Apply on online websites for a job, go attend walk-in interviews. If you have good skills, 1-year gap won't stop you from getting a job.
answered Feb 26, 2019 by Sanam
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Even if you have a 1-year gap, you can attend interviews. You can tell the interviewer about your problem. Everybody knows that it is a valid reason and they won't make it a big issue to give the job to you. Before you attend interviews, just brush up the concepts so that you will be ready to answer the questions.
answered Feb 26, 2019 by Dinesh

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