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I have an experience of 2 years in Full stack development and then I went of to do my masters in Designing. Now I am stuck as what I want to do as I have already sacrificed 2 years doing what I wanted to and now getting a good paying job for the domain of Designing is difficult. Which career should I pursue? Please suggest me as what should I do?
Feb 11, 2019 in Career Counselling by Mathew

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It totally depends on what you like more. Yes getting a job in designing sector is tough but not impossible. Last month Jan-2019 wildcraft announced a internship program and there are many more company that conduct these drives often.

According to me you should do what you like more and not just some work to please your boss.

Going to the domain of full-stack developer is fun and challenging for almost every CS person, at the end of day you should be happy with your work else you will just loose your interest.

All the best.
answered Feb 11, 2019 by Dheeraj Sharma
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Hi Mathew, I agree with Dheeraj's answer. Choosing a domain to pursue your career should be something which only you could figure out on your own. But from a third person's prospective I can only say that you should pursue the career which you feel interested in and which doesn't seems like a burden to you. When you start looking for a job, first thing you should consider is the role you are going to have in the company and what will be your responsibilities.

Now speaking of your case, if you have interest in designing then you should look for jobs in designing domain. There are plenty of jobs in the market for each domain, provided the candidates are skillful. If you thing you have proper skillset for any job, then look at the right places to search for jobs. Because at the end of the day, getting high salary or big company name doesn't give you satisfaction, your work gives you satisfaction.
answered Apr 5, 2019 by Vaani
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Choosing your career is always upto you, when you went to pursue masters then there should some mind set that if you come down with the degree then you would get paid more or its your wish that you want to pursue this in your future.

Having your experience in full stack development for two years, its a added value to your career, but i would suggest you to pursue the role you are presently working in because many companies are there which actually pay well in Designing domain, and if you are having a degree certificate on this it will take your career in a different level.

answered Apr 8, 2019 by sunny

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