How to start career in BiG Data as fresher

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I am fresher. During the last months of my graduation I have been hearing a lot about career in Big Data. But I dont know how the Big Data industry is and would it be a good choice to choice to start as a fresher and am I really ready. Please tell what you think.
Nov 6, 2018 in Career Counselling by coldcode
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Hey.. It's good to know that you have been thinking about your career in Big Data. There are many companies that hire freshers to work on Big Data. And the basic knowledge you'd require is basics of Core Java , basics of MySql and basic *nix commands. If you know these, then you are ready to start in Big Data. But if you think you are not ready, then you can work elsewhere, have an experience of 1-2 years, get certified in Hadoop courses and then switch to Big Data.

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answered Nov 6, 2018 by Omkar
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To start your career in Big Data as a fresher you must build the basic requirements first.

You should build your skills on basics of programming language eg. Java

You should have a good hands-on with Database queries.

You must be well aware of the basics of Operating System.

By having a command over these you can start off with Big Data.
answered Feb 26, 2019 by David
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Hi, you can start your career in big-data as a fresher with following skills and technologies in your pockets:

  • The core of big data technologies is formed by Scala or Java. But you can also choose R or Python if you are uncomfortable coding in the former ones. Hence these skills need your focus one by one. You can pick any of these programming languages as a basic qualification.

  • The big data engineer shall also carry the knowledge of Linux and Bash scripting as it is used for deployment of applications. Hadoop Developer shall also be familiar with the technologies like HBase and Zookeeper.

  • If you want to explore more, Flume and Sqoop are also widely popular technologies. The knowledge of these tools and technologies will make you an expert in essential big data skills. This will serve as a foundation for the next level.

  • Once you carry the scripting and programming skills, next requirement is the knowledge of cloud. The big data technologies need the experience of cloud, and you can begin learning it by practicing on any cloud provider like AWS or Azure with smaller datasets.

  • The knowledge of Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS) along with NoSQL is also required for a big data professional as these form the basic infrastructure of big data. The knowledge of NoSQL database in your relevant domain can help you build a strong big data foundations. This pathway can prepare you with basic big data expertise.

  • There could be many other paths to follow further once you carry these skills. There could be a Kafka or MapReduce path as per your interest. Else, you can also go for Pig or Hive to study more about the trending technologies of big data.

  • For a professional looking for experience and skill set for big data architect, the advanced certifications and skills are also required. These include the knowledge of MongoDB and Cassandra as these two are very commonly used these days.

answered Jun 4, 2019 by Shushma

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