I am civil engineer 2015 passout with no experience and want to switch for software jobs

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I am civil engineer graduate 2015. After graduation..since 2015 I started preparing for government jobs as my branch is core. Its been 5 long years but I couldn't get any. Also some exams where I qualified have not published the result since 1.5years. Its high time I should switch my area. But neither I have any experience nor I have any knowledge about software companies and their requirements. But still I want to. I just need a guidance. A proper guidance about which courses should I opt before giving any interview. Please guide!!

Aug 16, 2020 in Career Counselling by anonymous
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Passing engineering in 2015 or at  2020 doesn't really matters when you want a software jobs. All you need is a degree in any engineering  field or some company doesn't require at all. Now you have a degree in your hand and you want to get a software job right? Well, the degree you have is just a basic qualification you need to appear for all interviews. You can't get a software  job over night, unless you put some effort. 

  • So now  Pick 2-3 programming languages like c,c++,java,python according to your choice and start practicing coding(personelly i recommend python or java) then make a good profile on various job portals and start applying. 
  • Go for employability tests like Amcat and Elitmus. Make sure you are scoring good and can solve all type of problem. Consider you learn data structure and Daa(data analysis and algorithm) at utmost priority 
  • Start developing software project and make your skillset useful.
  • Seek referrals. Put LinkedIn to a good use.
  • Always make sure that you are updating your profile regularly. This will always keep your profile active on those job portals.

Just get started and start coding!!

Good luck!!

Hope it helps!!

answered Aug 17, 2020 by Niroj
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