Can I get job with only power bi or basic Sql please respond

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can i get job with only power bi or basic Sql or any other skill needed please respond ?

Jun 11, 2020 in Career Counselling by Edureka
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Hi, @There,

1. Yes power BI has a great scope, It has various benefits for every organization, you can get a job as Power BI Developer even as a Fresher. Nowadays, there are a lot of Analytics focused on small companies that easily give jobs to skilled Freshers.

To know more about Power Bi, You can check out the following video that will give you a complete introduction and insight into Power BI:

You can check our Blogs too:

But you need to show interest and knowledge of Power BI then only someone will hire you.

2. SQL is known as a structured query language. 

SQL knowledge would be an advantage to get into a data analyst but don't think you can land into a job with the only SQL. Given below the steps to improve your knowledge towards the data analyst role.

You can get connected with people working in HR and try your luck. LinkedIn is one such site where you can get connected with people who are working in the same field as yours or you can get connected to HR of some good company.

I hope these pieces of information work.

answered Jun 11, 2020 by Gitika
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