What are the efficient ways of keeping employees work for you?

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I started my own company a year ago and now that we are doing good in the market, I want to keep my employees continue working for me. Can anyone share their ideas how can I do that?
Sep 4 in Career Counselling by Prashanth
The best way is to pay them well and recognize their contribution to work along with extracurricular activities such as parties, games, etc to have work-life balance.
I don't mind working for the same employer unless the job is challenging instead of being mundane/monotonous!

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Hey Prashanth, as a leader or founder of the company it should be your utmost priority to have good employee retention strategy, where you do a lot of things for employee welfare and recognizes their contribution towards company. To keep your employees working for you, you should try some of these effective ways or methods to engage your employee:

  • Spend time with your employees to know them better and understand their issues.

  • Provide them with proper resources, tools and trainings for their specific job description. It will give them more confidence.

  • Let them know how the company is doing as they are the backbone of the enterprise, and many times its success or failure will depend on them.

  • Allow them to grow, give them the opportunity to show off their skills and ability to do their assigned task. Hovering and micromanaging only results in added stress.

  • Recognize your team and their hard work and acknowledge the job done well. To be a successful leader, it’s good to understand what form of recognition works best for your staff.

  • Encourage their personal development, learn about their hobbies and interests, even as far as learning what it is they eventually want to do with their lives. Think about the company and the different areas it may specialize in.

answered Sep 4 by Anvi
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Pay them well. That's all you have to do.
answered Sep 9 by John
Well, that doesn't work in all the cases @John. If money is not the reason for someone to leave, paying them more, won't keep them back.
Everybody works for money. So maybe paying them a good amount will hold them back.
Everybody works for money. But not everybody works only for money. There are people who work for experience and don't care how much they are getting paid because they have a long-term plan. Some people work because they like what they are doing and there are people who work because they like it there and don't want to get out of their comfort zone. The main thing to do is to identify why people are leaving the company and then fix the issue. If salary is the issue, then yes, paying more will hold them back.

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