What are the job scopes of LINUX system administration for a job?

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I was looking for Linux administrator job but don't have that much idea about the job scopes for Linux system administrator. Can anyone provide some valuable tips for this?

May 10 in Career Counselling by pavitra

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Yes, There is a lot of scope is there for the Linux administration Job. Typically Linux administrator called as a "Sysadmins". The major role of this system admin is configured, maintaining, and all other functions of system which runs with Linux. It has a wide range of opportunities with from middle level to MNC level companies.The Sysadmin who work for MNC's will be working with the team, maintaining the networks with numerous workstation and servers. Linux administration skills are most needed by many organizations.  

answered May 10 by Gitika
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Hey Pavitra, some of the career options for Linux System Admins are:

  • Linux Administrator: Tomcat/Apache Server

  • Senior System Administrator

  • Senior Engineer (System)

  • Infrastructure Administrator

  • Senior Linux Administrator

  • System Admin

  • Devops Engineer

answered Jun 21 by Anvi
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This answer was just what i needed. Thanks for the answer @Anvi!

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