How to do assess yourself on the work you do?

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How to do assess yourself on the work you do? How to figure out whether your life and work is going as expected or not?
Sep 4 in Career Counselling by shanthi
Ask for feedbacks from your team leads or managers on the work you do and what they think about your contribution towards the company. Casually ask your colleagues if they are facing any problems because of you or if you can help them in any way.

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Self assessment is a form of checking whether you have grown or remained stagnant in your career. Self assessment can be measured in various factors such as growth in skills, promotion, salary hike, etc. One way to measure is to constantly keep noting down your present points and what is your future plan. You can define your success and growth by self assessment. Have a clear plan and follow it to have a clear understanding of your future ahead.

Keep a note of below points periodically.

1. Skills

2. Network

3. Salary

4. personality(strengths/ weakness)

5. Interests

6. How you want your future ahead.

Compare the points to see assess yourself.

Hope it helps!
answered Sep 4 by anonymous
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There are 3 main parameters that I consider to assess myself:

  • Work that I am assigned to
  • What extra did I do
  • What I have learnt from something that I have done

The first thing to keep in mind is to complete the work you are assigned to. You have to complete the tasks given to you within the deadline given and you have to also keep the quality of work in mind

Next thing is what you do apart from the work assigned to you. No matter what job it is, you can always make time to learn something new or to do something productive. 

And finally, what you have learnt from the work assigned to you and the work done extra by you. There's no point in doing anything if you are not gaining anything from it. Your take away is what matters. 

This is how you can assess yourself at work. 

answered Sep 9 by Esha
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The following steps would help you assess yourself:

  • Keep a check on your attitude - try to stay optimistic.

  • Be Reflective

  • Assess Your Performance Against the Job Specifications

  • Find out the Supervisor's Expectations

  • Get Feedback From Others

  • Be a Team Player

  • Always Plan Ahead!

    answered Sep 10 by Sirajul
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    Hey @Shanthi, Set a standard for yourself(a very high standard coz YOLO Never settle :p) and make sure all your work is up to the mark and within the time frame.
    answered Sep 10 by Yamini

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