How quickly do you adapt to new technology?

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I am a fresher and have held many certifications in my graduation time. After reviewing my resume the interviewer asked me that " how quickly do you adapt to new technology"? So I answered, like, in college, I use to take out time for learning new skills and that's why I did many certifications from different media. I guess, I got the question, but replied something else and messed up. Can anyone put up any direct answer to this?

May 2 in Career Counselling by sunny

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I guess yes, you have messed up with the question and replied not according to that. This kind of question should be answered in a way so that the interviewer should understand your capability of handling your college schedule as well as whatever certifications you have done during graduation. 

You can answer this question in this way like," I can adapt quickly to new circumstances and I am always mentally prepared to take up challenges. I feel I have the capacity to learn fast and apply my knowledge. During my college period also, I had to clear my papers and projects in every semester and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Similarly, I will enjoy picking up new technologies in my professional life as well.

answered May 2 by Gitika
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