What are the types of jobs in Animation sector?

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May 15 in Career Counselling by Rubina

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Hey @Rubina, these are the types of jobs which you can go for in Animation sector:

  1. Animator

  2. Film and Video Editor

  3. Graphic Designer

  4. Flash Animator

  5. Video Game Designer

  6. 3D-Modeler

  7. Art Director etc.

answered May 15 by Anthony
How much can a Video game designer earn in a good company with an experience of 2-3 years?
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Some of them are Graphics designer, 3D Designer, Sketcher, Palette maker, Editor, etc
answered May 22 by anonymous
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Here are some of the job roles in Animation sectors:-

  1. 2 D Animator
  2. 3 D Animator
  3. Key Frame Animator
  4. Image Editor
  5. Modeler
  6. Character Animator
  7. Texture Artist
  8. Layout Artist
  9. Lighting Artist
  10. Story Board Artist
  11. Background Artist
  12. Clean Up Artist
  13. Rigging Artist
  14. Rendering Artist
  15. Digital Ink and Paint Artist
answered May 27 by Gitika
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