what are the highest paying jobs in IT sector?

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What are the highest paying jobs in IT sector?
Apr 25 in Career Counselling by riya

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I will provide you with the average salary for different job category as the salary varies for different jobs across various sectors and companies.

1. Software Architect/ developer/ designer -  4 - 5 Lpa

2. Data Scientist/ Architect/ Analyst  -  5 - 6 Lpa

3. Security Engineer/ Developer/ hacker -  6 - 7 Lpa

4. Network Engineer/ Security Engineer/ Architect  -  4 - 6 Lpa

Hope it helps you.
answered Apr 25 by CHERUKURI
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Some of the highest paying jobs are-

UI/UX Developer

Data Scientist/Analyst


Security Engineer

Software developer (Devops, Java)
answered May 22 by anonymous
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