Which testing tools should every software tester know?

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Which testing tools should every software tester know?
May 13 in Career Counselling by Gaurav

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@Gaurav following are the testing tools every tester should know:

  1. Automation Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, QTP, Appium, Protractor, Cucumber, TestComplete

  2. Load and Performance Testing Tools: Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, WebLoad, SilkPerformer, WAPT

  3. Mobile Testing Tools: FoneMonkey, MonkeyTalk, Robotium, HP invent Quick Test Pro

  4. Test Management Tools: Zephyr, TestDirector, TestLink,

  5. Bug Reporting and Documentation Tools: Kualitee, Assembla, Bugzilla, JIRA, Asana, Trello, Mantis

  6. Code Review Tools: CodeStriker, Jstyle, CodeAuditor

answered May 13 by Vikas

selected Jun 19 by Abha
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Hi Gaurav, some of the testing tools every tester should know are:

  • TestComplete: Functional testing automation tool from SmartBear. It is an automated testing tool supporting different types of applications – desktop, mobile, Web, and rich Internet application.

  • Selenium: Acknowledged and recommended by the testing fraternity, Selenium is one of the best Open-Source test automation tools. It is primarily executed for testing Web and Mobile applications.

  • LeanFT: LeanFT is a powerful and lightweight, functional test automation tool with extra features to deliver effective results in Continuous Delivery for an Agile and DevOps project implementation. Used for functional, regression, service testing, it helps developers and testers to team up in building high-quality software/applications.

  • EggPlant: It is a well-known test automation tool which enables to test the performance and functionality of the application across multiple operating systems and devices. It works with any coding language with one or more scripts, where users create test scenarios on multiple devices and OS.

  • LambdaTest: LambdaTest is one of the best tools ensure your website does not suffer from cross-browser compatibility issues. You can test your application on almost any desktop and mobile browser available today using LambdaTest. 

  • HP LoadRunner: It is licensed tool used for performance tool. It is very well managed and provides very detailed statistical load analysis report. It can be used to put a very heavy load on the application and server and used frequently for sites with high business value.

  • Jmeter: Jmeter is light weighted open source tool used for performance testing. Though it does not support the very heavy load, as the paid performance tools are very costly, it works great for smaller application, free of cost.

answered Jun 19 by Abha
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But are there any testing tools for Python ?? I am using Python with Selenium Webdriver and I want to know which all tools are supported by python!!

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