Can someone explain how to configure and use Jython?

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Can someone please explain how to configure and use Jython?
May 10 in Career Counselling by Chandan

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Hey Chandan, before installating Jython, ensure that your system has JDK installed. Jython is available in the form of an executable jar file.You can download it from - and either double click on its icon or run the following command −

java -jar jython_installer-2.7.0.jar

An installation wizard will commence with which installation options have to be given. Follow these steps one by one:

1. The first step in the wizard asks you to select the language.


2. Next accept the licence agreement.

License Agreement

3. Now choose the installation type. It is recommended to choose the Standard installation.

Installation Type

4. The next screen asks your confirmation about your options and proceeds to complete the installation.


The installation procedure might take some time to complete.

Installation in Process

5. After the installation is complete, invoke jython.exe from the bin directory inside the destination directory. Assuming that Jython is installed in C:\jython27, execute the following from the command line.


A Python prompt (>>>) will appear, in front of which any Python statement or Python script can be executed.

Python Prompt

answered May 10 by Anvi
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Can I also install it using Eclipse IDE? Or it can be installed using command line only?

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