What is the salary scope in Digital Marketing?

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I am pursuing a course in Digital Marketing but not sure about  what will be the salary scope in the future or in the initial stage. I am pursuing because I am interested in this field. Can anyone brief into this? 

May 10 in Career Counselling by amrita
Which course exactly are you enrolled in?

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With the ever increasing growth of Digital Media spend, Career in Digital Marketing is one of the hottest choices among students and professionals. Salaries in Digital Marketing industry are a function of number of parameters especially. Companies who understand and rely on Digital marketing for their growth are likely to pay higher. At an entry level, one will not have professional experience but ones' commitment in getting relevant digital marketing knowledge and skills through various means (e.g. learning through an industry-recognized digital marketing course, self-practice, internship) are going to play an important role in getting higher salary.


answered May 10 by Gitika
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I was introduced to "Digital Marketing" in my college where i was trained on a ADOBE'S product called AEM (Adobe Experience Manger) and later took up a certification as a AEM developer.

This is used for web development and most of the companies like Wipro, KPMG, Adobe, Sapient etc use it.

So the beginner's pay as a web developer after you have accumulated few worthy certifications in web development would be somewhere starting from 3-4 LPA and can go as high as 15-20 LPA depending on your role, expertise and experience.
answered Sep 11 by Sirajul
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