Top university to study MS in computer science

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Which are the top universities to study MS in Computer Science. I am confused about which colleges are best and how to prepare for them.
May 10, 2019 in Career Counselling by shreya

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Below are top universities for M.S CS.

Columbia University.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
New York University.
George Mason University.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

One way to choose college could be by listing down all parameters like scholarship, duration, Location, reviews, etc.

Then choose appropriately.

Hope it helps
answered May 10, 2019 by Cherukuri
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Hi Shreya, if you want to pursue MS in Computer Science, you can look out for these colleges as they are the best one's providing MS in CS:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), Cambridge

2. Stanford University, Boston

3. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

4. Harvard University, Cambridge

5. University of California, Berkeley

6. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

7. University of Texas, Austin

8. Princeton University, New Jersey

9. University of Washington, Seattle

10. Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

answered Jun 12, 2019 by Inderjeet

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